May 15th – 1st Anniversary

Great post by Writerbee’s Book Reviews.

Writerbee's Book Reviews

One year ago today, I posted my very first online book review blog post. I started with a collection of a few books I’d ordered on-line from Amazon, books I’d seen advertised on social media by indie authors. I found several wonderful books… and a few that needed a lot of work.

I had joined Rave Reviews Book Club just a few days before that and realized that posting on-line reviews was a great way to boost authors, both through marketing and in spirit. Knowing that someone is reading your written words is both nerve-racking and uplifting, especially if they cast a shine of good words upon your work.

Since then, I’ve read and reviewed quite a few titles, and posted promos and guest posts for other organizations such as CBB Book Promotions. I haven’t gotten through as many as I’d hoped by this time. Other factors…

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