5 things I couldn’t (make myself) do before joining RRBC…

I have already reblogged Nonnie’s page about RRBC, but Jan’s post struck a chord with me too. There are some great tips here on starting out as an author, having the confidence to tell people about your work and also the enjoyment of supporting other authors on their journey. Check out Jan’s books. They are amazing!

Jan Hawke INKorporated

Anniversary Badge Year 1… there must be more than 5, but we’ll leave it there for now! 😉

I can’t remember when I joined RRBC exactly but it was around 18 months ago. My first novel had been ‘out there’ for six months or so and I only had a handful of reviews on Amazon. These had come from most of the other writers and friends I already knew, or had met on LinkedIn, so I was out looking for other avenues to find potential reviewers for my book Milele SafariA connection on LinkedIn posted in a group I’d joined about this fantastic community – theRave Reviews Book Club– I went and had a look, liked what I saw and dulyjoined up!
I got off to a slow start, because at first it was all about the reviews for me – I got stuck into reading the Book of…

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