Meet Author, Lizzie Chantree – Q&A

Check out my latest author interview by Marlena Smith! Marlena has a wonderful blog and it’s really worth taking a look around to find out more about her own writing and the way she supports authors.

Life As I Know It

Hello, bloggers!

I am beyond excited to start this month off with a guest post. Today, I am featuring Author, Lizzie Chantree, author of three romance books.We’ll be diving into a fun little Q&A.

1. What brought you to a career in writing?
I began writing as a teenager and have always had a vivid imagination. As an adult I was struggling to stay awake at night while my daughter was unwell, (she’s fine now) and had to find something to distract me from the levels of stress we were all under. I wrote my first book Babe Driven as a way to bring some sunshine into my life at a very difficult time. The story is full of the laughter and warmth that I needed to get me through. The book not only began my career as an author, but worked as my counsel and kept my sanity…

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