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Write. Publish. Repeat. (The No-Luck-Required Guide to Self-Publishing Success) (The Smarter Artist Book 1) by [Platt, Sean, Truant, Johnny B., Wright, David, Smarter Artist]

I have been reading a book called Write, Publish, Repeat, which I am just about to review. The authors of the book work as a team and their level of dedication to their craft is inspiring. They talk a lot about their own work, which they are shameless about and this can get a bit repetitive, but they do it for a reason and their formula works well for them.

They talk a lot about product funnels for an author’s work and this book is a prime example of a funnel for their own fiction. A funnel works by reaching out and telling people about your books through other works and products. For example the book, Write, Publish, Repeat, is a funnel as it tells you (a lot!) about their other works. By reading this book, you would hopefully enjoy their style of writing, as I did, and consider picking up one of the numerous works they have out.

Another funnel would be their podcasts, blogs, website and social media feeds. All of these point a funnel towards giving their core books discoverability. This article could also be called a funnel, as I am now telling you about their work, and some of you may buy their books!

It made me think of my own product funnels. The authors of Write, publish, Repeat, write at a crazy speed and produce many books, added to the fact they work individually and as a team, but even writing on my own I have already been working with product funnels and they are a great way to help readers find me in a sea awash with words.

I began with writing my manuscripts, but as a new author, I wanted to connect with my audience, so I also made funnels for my work.

My product funnels:
Books by author Lizzie Chantree

I have this blog, where I share my writing journey and new topics I’ve learnt about with other writers and readers.

I have a growing social media community, where I tweet about writing, design, my latest work and entrepreneurship. Twitter: @Lizzie_Chantree    Facebook: Lizzie_Chantree

I have links in the back of all of my books to my other books with some of the first chapters and reviews. Babe Driven.    Love’s Child.     Finding Gina.

I have begun a mailing list of wonderful readers. This is vitally important to authors and a fantastic way to chat to people who love your stories and want to find out what you are writing next.  Subscribe today! 

I have designed bookmarks and giveaways which will be sent to everyone on my mailing list that left an address to be sent promotional items. This is a great way to introduce readers to new manuscripts and find out what they would like to read next.

I connect with my readers through visiting other blogs and leaving comments. I read all of the blogs I visit and don’t leave random comments and my website address, but this in turn helps others discover my blog by the fact I have visited and joined in a discussion.

I have book trailers for all of my books on YouTube.

Babe Driven.    Love’s Child      Finding Gina 

Creating product funnels can be great fun. The key is to not bombard your readers with  information that is just about your books or creative products. Tell them about your writing life and things that interest you.

Let me know if you have inspired product funnel ideas that will help anyone on their creative journey!

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19 thoughts on “Product funnels.

  1. There are SO many ways to funnel. 🙂 Pinterest is one of my favorite. I save lots of blogs that are full of information I may need to refer to on my Pinterest Author board. Great blog, Lizzie!

    • I don’t use Pinterest very often, but it is a great way to curate content. My account is Lizzie Chantree if you want to link up there.
      Have you got any tips on how to best use Pinterest?

  2. Love this post, Lizzie! I’m having so much fun linking my two businesses Peace by Piece Puzzles and Whispers of the Heart (digital art) with my writing/poetry platform. I learn something new every day and just love it! The only challenge is that there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day! I’m hoping to be able to connect and really engage with you all during Creative Biz Hour. It’s a fantastic group of artists! Thanks so much for sharing this post. And I hope to connect tomorrow! Cheers! 🙂

    • Hi Natalie. I agree that it can be tricky to fit everything into daylight hours! I hope you enjoyed #creativebizhour It is such a fast hour and so busy, that I try and say hello to as many people as I can. I love to see talented creatives chatting about their businesses and sharing ideas and supporting each other during the hour. It’s inspiring to see. We are having more and more writers on there now, which is wonderful. Same time next week! 8-9pm (GMT) every Monday on Twitter.

  3. I really like Pinterest too, but don’t spend enough time there. I have recently discovered Instagram too. My account is Lizzie_Chantree if you have an account and get a chance to link up.

    • Wow, your Instagram account is exploding! And you own recently discovered it? I’m impressed 🙂

      I just followed you over there. I’m maeclair1 on Instagram, but I’m really new.

      • Lol! I’ve been trying it out for a short while, but as I love taking photos and posting design and writing ideas, you can do all this on Instagram. I have found that it’s a great place to find readers too. There are so many book lovers there. I just followed you there.

      • It might be worth taking a look further back on my account to how it started out Mae. As I said, I haven’t been using it for that long, but I do post quite frequently and interact with other booklovers there. We all enjoy reading so much, you can find some wonderful books and bookish photos and quotes.

  4. I think Pinterest is another fun way to connect. I’ve really neglected my account lately, but I love the idea of building boards for each of my books. When I get time, it’s on my to do list. There are so many avenues for creativity with Pinterest!

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