4 thoughts on “On writing: the daily word counts of famous authors

  1. I enjoyed this post. I don’t have the luxury of writing every day but I do make time to write at least once a week. When I do, I try to average between 3-4K though I don’t always hit the mark. Sometimes I have a high spurt. The most I’ve ever done in a single day was 7900 and my mind was frazzled by the end of it. That was when I was pushing a deadline, which I am now. Hopefully, I can pull another marathon session off soon 🙂

    • Wow! That’s a lot of words. The most I’ve written in one sitting was 5,000. I was so proud, but haven’t managed that many in a morning since!
      Best of luck with your new book Mae.

  2. Interesting post. It’s amazing how different each writer is. The most I’ve ever written in one day was fifteen pages and my bottom side ached from being glued to the chair. 🙂 I shoot for 5,000 words per day, but don’t always make it.

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