Be Confident.

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This quote is very true of many people and circumstances. When we are insecure of something, it shouts us down and follows us around.

As a writer, I often have to fight insecurities with showing my work to other people, as everyone has very different views on what they love to read. As I get older, I have discovered that pleasing everyone doesn’t work and I have to be happy in myself and believe in what I do. I am lucky enough to have a job that I adore and I enjoy supporting other people on their writing journey, but I can only do that because I stamp on my insecurities and then throw them out of the door. It’s my daily ‘creative’ dance!

Having confidence in what we do is a skill in itself and I hope you all are kind enough to yourselves to let your confidence grow. If not you’ll have to take up dancing for a while:)

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14 thoughts on “Be Confident.

  1. It’s hard coming to the realization that you can’t please everyone, but it’s the only way to survive as an author. I no longer lack confidence about my ability as a writer or an author, but sometimes I lack confidence about the world will think. I need to adapt jenanita’s take on it 🙂

  2. So very true! Those insecurities can do a number on a person if you let them- as an author or any part of your life! Well, said.

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