Core values.

Creativebizhour Business ownership Question 3

During my networking hour on Twitter I often post questions or quotes about business or creativity. A few weeks ago one of the questions was about communicating your core values. This not only relates to business, but to writing too. Does your novel or blog tell others about you as a person and the things that matter to you? Does your book cover represent the story inside and let readers know what they will be reading about?

For a writer, a great way to reach out to readers is through your book cover. A good one can make a great statement, but a bad one can let a good story down. Another way to communicate with readers is through your author profile. A friendly photo and professional background on social media pages projects a message that you have thought about what you do.

I recently changed my author photo as I have a new publisher. My uncle, who is a professional photographer, came round and as usual I was holding a mug of tea. I get that from my Grandad, who drank copious amounts daily and I sit writing most days with a teapot on my desk. My uncle told me to keep hold of the blue mug I had in my hand and from the selection of photos he took, the first one with the tea cup was my favourite!

I hope it communicates to my readers that I’m friendly, I’m smiley and I love tea! The reason I’m smiling in the photo is because my uncle was pulling funny faces at me during the photoshoot and my daughter was standing beside me holding our dog, who got into lots of the photos too.


My book covers hopefully all communicate the romance story inside and are approachable and quirky too. Just like me!



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7 thoughts on “Core values.

  1. I’ve read both Finding Gina and Love’s Child and think both covers do the books justice. I do love your new author photos, especially the one with your dog. Lol! Great advice for all of us! 🙂

  2. Lizzie, you’re right about the book cover. That is the first thing that draws me to a book. Then, I turn it over to look at the author and his photo. Your photo looks like an author who is friendly and approachable!

  3. Hello Lizzie! You’re so right about book covers, it’s the first chance an author has to make a good impression on the reader. And since my books are my babies I wouldn’t dream of them out and about badly dressed. Heh, heh. I love your book covers they are so colorful, quirky and a bit artsy. When I look at them I can tell right away they are romance novels. Your uncle did a great job with your pictures. You look fabulous in all of them and your dog is so cute! I get friendly, down-to-earth and kind from your pictures. 😀 xx

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