Hosting a book launch.

Hello everyone. This is day three of my book launch tour and the latest visit is the blog of my friend and author Suzanne Burke. To check out her post, click here.

I thought i’d also share with you some of the things I post in my tour Facebook group, which you are all welcome to join.

For my paperback launch I have made swag bags for the guests.

As my book has a Ninja theme and is set in a school playground, my launch is in a school library. People have said the swag bags look really expensive, but they aren’t, they just take time to make. I will then use the bags as centrepieces for the tables and for guests to take home. They are a great way to let the guests at my launch know more about my book.
I bought 100 white sandwich bags from a wholesaler. £7.00
I used design software and put 10 book covers on an A4 page. I printed 5 on my home computer. I then cut them out and stuck them to the front of the bags.
I bought big napkins in a bright orange colour, as they reflect my book cover. £3.50 for 125, so I have spare for the centre of tables. 
In each bag I put a bag of fizzy candy mini chocolate oranges. I chose these as they fill the bags up and match the colour of my book cover. This was my biggest expense. £0.50-£0.99 per bag.
I then set up an A4 page with small book quotes about writing. I added 100 to 1 page and printed it out.
I bought packs of small lined writing pads from a shop. £1 for a pack of 5 pads.
I stuck the book quotes to the front.
I bought a pack of 50 ballpoint pens for £2
I added my book postcards with book details and buy links to the bag.
£1.20-£1.45 per bag.
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12 thoughts on “Hosting a book launch.

  1. Lizzie,
    I meant to say I’ve preordered. According to Amazon Germany it will be delivered to my iPad on 30 January.
    All the best.
    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat Garcia

  2. Just checking in. I’ve been following your book launch. Great job. I purchased your book and hope to read it after I finished getting my first book out.
    All the best.
    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat Garcia

  3. Great idea, Lizzie, and the bags look fantastic. I gave swag bags at an author presentation I did last October, and I will definitely use them again. They’re inexpensive, fun, and a great way to promote!

  4. I have enjoying your posts on Facebook, even if I can’t comment there as me:) It has been an interesting process to watch and I am glad you are sharing with us.

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