Hello everyone. I’ve been busy editing a manuscript whilst attempting to begin a new romance novel for #NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), 2018. So far I’ve managed about 7,300 words, but I’m not pressuring myself with the daily writing targets, as I’m multi-tasking. I really enjoy seeing how everyone is getting on with either joining in online, but with other writing projects, or sharing their word counts on social media and writing group forums.

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It is sad when anyone posts that they can’t keep up or are not reaching their own daily word goals, as the fun of the writing challenge for me, is not about reaching the winners 50,000 word total, but in getting something new well underway, be it with a few thousand words or a full manuscript. I have seen people join in with word sprints, where they all sit in their own offices or homes at the same time and see how much they can all write in the same time frame. Also there are groups forming in cafes and libraries all over the country to have write ins, and friendships are forming over mutual support of a new plot line and character ideas. The writing community is full of wonderful people who are so generous with their time, that it really is the best job in the world for me. Happy writing everyone!



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11 thoughts on “#NaNoWriMo

  1. Hi Lizzie! I agree the writing community is an amazing group of people. I tentivelly joined in the writing this November and havent worried about the word count this time. I started a story, but have editing to do, too. I think this will give me lots of starts to work on. Happy writing:)

  2. Totally agree with you about how supportive the community of writers are with sharing ideas and encouragement. Discovering all these warm writing friends has a been a wonderful and unexpected bonus to my writing career. (PS. I count you amongst them, Lizzie)

  3. I can understand the compulsion to complete Nano with all the bells and whistles attached, but quite like your way of thinking. But then, it has always been quality, not quantity for me too…

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