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The world of publishing can be daunting, but there are so many people out there who are happy to share advice and support authors. This page is dedicated to them. If you would like your blog or bookclub mentioned here, drop me a message to to let me know how you can help writers.

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I run a networking hour every Monday on Twitter called #creativebizhour Anyone can join in, just add the hashtag to your tweets and replies to join in with the chat. It’s a great place to promote books and blogs as well as other creative industries, as it trends in the top three most weeks and has over 17.3 million views in 1 hour.

Tweets with pictures of book covers or products get the most RT’s. This is a mutual support networking event. The idea is that is you RT others using the #, then they may RT your book or blog details to their followers. Everyone there is chatty, inspiring and very welcoming. They love to meet new creatives and will support you if you support them.

Each week someone wins a week of tweets about their book, blog or business from the hosts with followers of over 50K. Winners are usually those who support others during the hour.


What people are saying about #creativebizhour:

4. Thanks for the lively chat, faves and Rt’s. Great hour with friends! Have a good week & hope it’s creative!

Rave Reviews Book Club.

RRBC is a wonderful place where authors and readers can meet to chat about writing, marketing, blog tours and much more. There is a lot of support here, but it really is about how much you put into it. If you dive in and help other writers, then they will happily help you back. This is a genuine book club, rammed to the gills with avid readers and fabulous writers. There is so much talent and wisdom here. Follow the link and join today!

Link to Rave Reviews website. 

My Train of thoughts on…By Karen.

I have just discovered Karen’s blog and she is part of a group of writers who support other writer’s work. She has book reviews on her blog and has just begun a list of book reviewers which are also on her website.

Link to Karen’s website.

Rainbow support club.

Marje Mallon tells you to pull up a comfy chair, sit back and enjoy her blog, Kyrosmagica, which is all about the magic of writing, her love of books, crystals,  laughter, and much, much, more! She a writer who has finished her first middle grade/YA fantasy novel, set in Cambridge, UK. She has just set up the Rainbow support club for writers. The group offers advice, reviews, blog features and much more. Pop by and check their work out!

Link to Rainbow Support Club.

Author Interviews By Fiona McVie.

Fiona is a great supporter of authors and is also an avid reader. She posts interviews by authors she discovers on her popular blog site. Check out the link to contact her for your own interview. I have included the link to the interview she did about my first three books.

Link: Authors Interviews Blog by Fiona McVie 

Lizzie’s Interview on Fiona’s Blog: Click here. 

Author Interviews by E. Rachel Hardcastle.

Author E. Rachel Hardcastle offers a free author service of an interview on her blog free of charge and each author can submit up to 8 interviews of 10 questions. This is free and is circulated across her social media. She also invites indie writers to apply for my podcast which is also free – the interviews are 30 minutes long and are again circulated.

Link: Author interview page on E. Rachel Hardcastle’s blog.

Book Snippets blog.

Why another website about books?

Well, they want to help Indie Authors reach the readers of their genre faster.

How, you ask?

By sharing snippets of their books.

Yes, you can read those on Facebook, or in the Authors’ newsletters, or even on Amazon. However, this page is the one place to visit if you want to read one (or more) snippets from books you’ve heard so much about.

And as the snippets are all in one place – here – the readers can browse through them as and when they are ready to buy a new book to read.

So if you are looking to promote your next book, you’ve come to the right place!

Link: Book Snippets website.

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