Introducing authors

Here are the links to some of the posts for some incredible authors I have met or read that I’d like to introduce to my blog audience. You’ve probably read lots of their wonderful books already, but find out more about them here. I will be updating this page regularly and am in the process of adding all of the interview dates and links.

Introducing Lorraine Mace. 21/10/2019

Introducing Harmony Kent, 11/07/19 Author of Fallout, The Glade and many more novels. Harmony also publishes books about writing.

Introducing Mary Wood. 30/05/19 Mary is a Sunday Times bestselling author of The Abandoned Daughter, part of The Girls Who Went To War Series. Mary has written many amazing stories.

Introducing Sandra Danby.  16/05/19 Sandra is the author of popular the Identity Detective series.

Introducing Arabella Sheen.  09/05/19 Arabella used to be a nurse and now writes wonderfully addictive Regency Romances.

Introducing Rachel J Bonner. 02/05/19 Rachel tells us where she gets her writing ideas from.

Introducing Ros Rendle. 25/04/19 Meet former head teacher, author of Delphi’s Dilemma and RNA member Ros.

Introducing Julie Ryan. 11/04/19 Julie is a prolific and well-know book reviewer and blogger as well as a talented author.

Introducing Emily Royal. 04/04/19 Emily lives in rural Scotland and writes sexy historical romances.

Introducing Elly Redding. 28/03/19 Fellow RNA member Elly tells us more about her writing and beautiful second chance romances.

Introducing D.I. Finn. 21/03/19 Meet RRBC book club member Denise and discover her thought provoking poetry and children’s books.

Introducing Morton S Grey.  14/03/19 Morton’s debut novel The Girl on the Beach was published after she won Choc Lit Publishing Search for a Star competition.

Introducing Francine Beaton. 07/03/19 Fellow RNA member Francine, is a romance author who writes about happily ever afters.

Introducing Lorna Susuki. 28/02/19 As a freelance writer, she has tackled everything from biographies to scriptwriting for an adventure travel series. When it comes to fiction writing, she is best known for the 10-novel epic adult fantasy series, the Imago Chronicles.

Introducing Victoria Cooke. 21/02/19

Introducing Helena Fairfax. 07/02/19

Introducing Rosie Dean. 24/01/19

Introducing Rachel Brimble. 10/01/19

Introducing Miriam Drori. 27/12/18

Introducing Jess B Moore. 06/12/18

Introducing  Katherine Johnson. 22/11/18

Introducing Angela Wren. 15/11/18

Introducing Lynn Forth. 08/11/18

Introducing Val Penny. 01/11/18

Introducing Tom Halford. 25/10/18

Introducing Emma Jackson. 11/10/18

Introducing Paula Williams. 04/10/19

Introducing Katie Ward. 13/09/18

Introducing Saralyn Bruck. 06/09/18

Introducing Heidi Catherine. 30/08/18

Introducing Awen Thornber. 23/08/18

Introducing  Alice Castle. 16/08/18

Introducing Megan Mayfair. 02/08/18

Introducing Jennifer Wilson. 26/07/18

Introducing  Rosie Travers. 19/07/18

Introducing  C.J. Sutton. 12/07/18

Introducing Jo Pearce. 05/0718

Introducing  Kate Braithwaite. 28/06/18

Introducing  Jane Bwye. 21/06/18

Introducing  Martin Geraghty. 14/06/18

Introducing  Sue Bernard. 07/06/18

Introducing  J.V. Baptie. 24/05/18

Introducing  Joan Livingston. 17/05/18

Introducing  Jo Fenton. 10/03/18

Introducing  Catherine Green. 17/02/18

Introducing  Alisa Abraham. 15/02/18

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