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Introducing my books:

Babe Driven

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Driving straight out of trouble and into paradise! 

Harriet’s crazily successful business idea is under serious threat, and the danger seems to be coming from inside her own family. She whisks her sister and her friends away to an exotic location to try and work out whose side they are on. It’s time to start damage limitation.

When the girls arrive at the glorious villa owned by Harriet’s maverick business partner Nikki, they find a gorgeous band and their sexy lead singer Max staying next door, out to entice their new neighbours into all kinds of trouble.

This isn’t a holiday for Harriet and she can’t afford to be distracted. She has to sell her business idea to the powerful resort owner, the elusive Mr Grant, while she is there, or she may not have a business to go back to. Harriet will have to choose between family and friends, business or pleasure. For someone who stays out of the limelight, even though her new company is the hottest ticket in town, she’s going to have to avoid the front pages of every newspaper if she wants to survive the ride!

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Review: 5 stars

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Customer reviews for Babe Driven:

‘Totally addictive and unable to put book down, housework gone out the window.’

‘A great book when you want to be distracted from all of the real worries you have in life. I’m a sucker for happy endings, so this book left me with a big smile!’

 ‘A great read! Story gripped me from start and I couldn’t put the book down.’

‘A great holiday read or indeed curled up cosy in front of the fire!


‘A real hoot all the way through and very entertaining.’

‘Love the authors style of writing and the characters she creates, read it over two days and would have read another one. Really rather good!


‘I really loved this book. It had a proper story to it but was still a fun relaxing read.’

‘Thank you lizzie for a good few lazy nights reading !!!


‘Light, entertaining fun read which would make the perfect companion on a summer holiday.’

‘I liked the characters, and thought the plot was quite original, hoping to see more from the author in the near future.


‘Great book really enjoyed it could put it down ended up reading it all in 1 day.’

 Love’s Child 


Power, deceit and betrayal, all in the name of love! 

Jemima Trent is desperate to have a designer baby to keep up with her socialite friends, reconnect with her work-obsessed husband, Lucas, and regain some respect from her domineering father, but the number of women able to conceive each year is in decline and no one seems to know why.

Dr Cole believes that the answer can be found in a warehouse full of delinquent teenagers, where David Love and his beautiful girlfriend Tilly, have been hitting the headlines for turning youngsters’ lives around. Dr Cole’s violent and callous employer will stop at nothing to discover the reason behind their success and why girls at the warehouse are able to fall pregnant.

Jemima finally tries to step out of her father’s shadow, but discovers they are more alike than she could ever imagine. David and Tilly race to protect a secret they have held for years, that could have a bearing on family life for generations to come. An action packed love story, with powerful men and formidable women.

Lies, deceit and betrayal, all in the name of love!

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Review:   5 stars

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 Finding Gina
Finding Gina by Lizzie Chantree


Can a sprinkling of stardust overcome a past full of demons?

Gina had traversed the breadth of the country in her little campervan to try and find everyone on her grandmother’s list, before her father drunk himself into an early grave. She lent down and pulled the battered and worn journal from her bag and opened it to the latest page. The neatly written names were etched onto her heart and she was determined to visit every single one and compensate them in some way. Her family’s debt had to be repaid.

Toby, heir to Bluebell Manor, couldn’t believe his luck when a flame haired beauty arrived at his door. Just when he thought all hope was lost! Looking for somewhere to stay for the night, Gina’s decision to turn left on a country lane, might have greater consequences than she could ever realise.

Lewis read another provincial story about a ‘guardian angel’ who had been helping families across the country and his reporter’s nose began to itch. He was sure that if he could track down the girl they were talking about, he would unearth an even bigger story. He just had to work out how to locate her and then find out what it was that she was running from!

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Review: 5 stars
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Finding Gina book trailer, click here.

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