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Until the I published my first novel, Babe Driven, at the end of 2013, I had no idea about Blogs or Twitter or how to use them. I knew they could be a great way to reach out to readers and market my book, but hadn’t a clue on where to start. I decided I need to learn and went on a local business seminar, where they told you how to set up the account, choose a username and profile picture for Twitter and start a blog.

From these very slow and frustrating beginnings, I now have a very interesting and real network of lovely people who I talk to regularly about my writing and what they are doing or working on.

My Twitter account has grown from a few followers to over 60.1K and my blog has new followers every day. This is all down to posting informative content and not annoying everyone with continuous sales tweets or posts. If you want someone to take an interest in your blog or Twitter timeline, then you have to provide something that they will enjoy reading and share with their own followers. I also really like going to the blogs of the people who follow mine, as very often we are interested in the same things and I can follow their blog and read about their work too!

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