Be Confident.

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This quote is very true of many people and circumstances. When we are insecure of something, it shouts us down and follows us around.

As a writer, I often have to fight insecurities with showing my work to other people, as everyone has very different views on what they love to read. As I get older, I have discovered that pleasing everyone doesn’t work and I have to be happy in myself and believe in what I do. I am lucky enough to have a job that I adore and I enjoy supporting other people on their writing journey, but I can only do that because I stamp on my insecurities and then throw them out of the door. It’s my daily ‘creative’ dance!

Having confidence in what we do is a skill in itself and I hope you all are kind enough to yourselves to let your confidence grow. If not you’ll have to take up dancing for a while:)

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Monday Marketing. #3QuickTips

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Today’s Monday Marketing and #3QuickTips are about writing. The tips can be used in any writing, including emails, novels, blog posts and more.

1.  Focus on how your reader can really jump in and enjoy your work. Will your reader understand the terminology you use? You don’t have to avoid technical jargon, but be aware that your reader’s knowledge might be different from your own. Choose words or phrases that most people will understand, unless you are aiming for a more limited audience.

2.  Create a compelling opening to your work. The first paragraph is all important. This is true of books, emails, marketing campaigns, blogs etc. If you fill the first few sentences with information, you might send your readers to sleep! Use catchy tagline for emails and try and use the name of the person you are sending to in the address. Most people ignore email addressed to an email address and not a person’s name.

3.  Be confident in what you are telling people. Keep your work to the point and don’t fill it with flowery words that are unnecessary. If you show your work in short manageable paragraphs, it helps the reader to stay with you. This is especially helpful in newsletters where you have to grab someones attention quickly and keep them interested in your topic.

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Problem solving.

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I’ve often heard the phrase ‘sell the problem you solve, not the product.’ As an author and someone who makes retail and wholesale products, it has always made complete sense to me. When I invented my first product, Runaway Spray, I quickly learnt that the way to tell people about it was to exhibit how it worked and what the benefits were. Luckily, as it is a ‘ladder’ stop spray for hosiery, the problem it solves and how quick it works are pretty easy to demonstrate. The same can be true of most products if you think about it.

With my books, I love to write romance novels, and spending so much time on the manuscript means I need to get my marketing right. People can get pretty fed up of being bombarded with sales pitches, but if I stick to my theme, which is love, family and friendship, then I still have a pretty broad spectrum to work within.

My first book tweets began like this: It doesn’t show anything romantic or sexy, so why should someone who likes romance reads click the link?

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My more successful ones are like this: They show passion, romance, travel and friendship, without shouting ‘BUY MY BOOK!’

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Marketing is constantly changing and I’m learning more about it every day. If you have fantastic ways to entice a reader to your genre without blatant sales pitches, please share them with us all here! Many thanks in advance:)

Monday Marketing. #3QuickTips

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Hello everyone. Today’s Monday Marketing and #3QuickTips is about Instagram. I have just discovered some hidden features that might be helpful to you all too, so I thought I’d show them here!

1.   You can share your pictures everywhere, not just the limited places offered on most accounts. Instagram has a number of built-in options to help you share your posts with a wider audience. On the final share screen, tap the grey slider next to the social media icons below and it will connect to your other social media accounts and seamlessly send out your posts there too.

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2.  You can keep your original photos once they’ve been cropped. When Instagram posts a photo, it crops it. This is partly to stop others using your full resolution images. If you go to the top right hand button on your profile page, this sends you to your settings screen. Scroll down as before and slide tab to save original photos after posting, to ensure Instagram saves your original file on your phone as well.

3.  You can bookmark photos in collections to save for later. No one else can see the posts you have saved, but these can be useful for reference. To save any photo or video, tap once on the nearby bookmark icon. This is found in the bottom right hand corner below  photo posts, as shown in this picture of a delicious ice-cream. The icon looks like the tail end of a ribbon. Press and hold the icon to put the photo into a specific collection. To see your curated content, just pop to your profile page and tap the bookmark icon to open. 

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Portable e-book reader with two clipping path for book and scree

Click here to jump into some great Summer reads:)

First Draft. #AmWriting

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I’m currently working on the first draft of my new novel, which is about two women who are both completely misunderstood by their families. It’s great fun to write, but I as I have now signed a publishing deal, which could possibly include a sequel to the book they are publishing, I need to make my workflow easier.

I’m not very good at writing lists, as I often forget where they are. This is what should be on my list during the time my publisher is editing my upcoming novel.

Marketing schedule for new book.

Complete 20,000 words for current manuscript.

Edit/proof current work.

Cover design ideas.

Book blurb.

Keep up with social media commitments, including hosting #CreativeBizHour on Twitter.

Start sequel for soon to be published book.

Write 2 blog posts a week.


Obviously this includes family commitments and household chores. But by this time I’m scared of my list and have hidden it somewhere I will never look again. A good idea today seemed to be under the dog’s bed!

As with most jobs, we all have to multi-task and the kitchen timer on my writing desk does beep and tell me to get on with it, but as a bit of a dreamer (which helps with my job), it means better planning needs to creep into my day and the usual ‘make it up as I go along’ vibe might have to take a back seat for a while.

I’ll let you know how I get on:)



Monday Marketing #3QuickTips

Happy Monday everyone!

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My latest marketing tips are from an author marketing meeting I went to a few weeks ago. They are based around free giveaways. I have been looking in to ways to promote my new romance novel, which is out early next year and this seemed like great advice. Let me know what you think.

1.  If you are doing a free giveaway for your book, don’t give away your book! This sounds strange, but it does make sense. By doing a giveaway, you are trying to encourage readers to enjoy your work and buy your books. If you give the book away, you negate the possibility of the winners downloading/purchasing your work because they actually want to read it, not because they have been given it and might read it at a later date. A good way around this, would be to gift items related to your book genre and maybe a few chapters of your novel to tell them about the story. If they enjoy your style of writing, they might become a lifelong fan.

2.  If you are giving away your book, this can work best if it is part of a series. You gift the first book  in the series, then the reader may buy other books in the series if they love the characters and style.

3.  If you are running a giveaway, it can work to get together with other authors and make one huge giveaway. This way your promotion would be shouted out across the social media platforms of the combined authors and gain more exposure for your work.



Your vibe.

Your vibe attracts your tribe. This made me smile. I think my tribe would be full of slightly zany creatives, or people who enjoy creativity and unusual books!

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The vibe you give off and the person that you are, attracts like minded people. You can often tell what a person is like by those around them. Surround yourself with people who will lift you up and enjoy your individuality. Most of my family and friends think I’m a bit eccentric, but they encourage me anyway. Thank goodness for that!


Drip Campaigns

Some great marketing tips from Staci Troilo via Story Empire.

Story Empire

Drip CampaignCiao, SEers. If you follow us on any social media channel (other than this blog itself), you’ve likely seen posts with light blue graphic text bubbles offering quotes from our posts. These social media posts are what are known as drip campaigns.

Drip campaigns are so named because they “drip” content into your platform over the course of a finite amount of time. In our case, our drip campaigns are scheduled to be thirteen posts over the course of one year.

Marketers use drip campaigns because, and I’m sure you already know this, repetition is a key component to catching a person’s attention. That’s how we teach children their ABCs or multiplication tables. We repeat the same information over and over until our audience retains it.

The same technique works on adults. Unless someone is blessed with an eidetic memory, it’s unlikely he or she will remember something the first…

View original post 629 more words

Monday Marketing. #3QuickTips

This week I’m going to tell you about visibility and loading times for a WordPress website. Most of my Monday Marketing tips are ones I’ve discovered on my journey as an author, but I have been in the retail and wholesale business for over 20 years and studied design, marketing and advertising at college and university, so the #3QuickTips may be helpful to other businesses too.

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1.  Some wordpress themes contain code that slows them down. Some of the content you add can also slow the site down. By visiting a site called and typing in your site address, you will be shown a report on how well your site is loading for users.  Ideally you want an A or B rating.

2.  You will be shown Page speed, YSlow, Timeline and History tabs. Click on these to be shown elements of your site and how they preform. Here you can check if the theme of your site is slowing it down. If the theme is causing problems, then you might want to think about changing the theme.

3. Creating fresh content for your blog or website is a great way to make it load quicker. If text is copied from the internet, it can have hidden links and code inside from the originator which shows search engines that it’s not new and should be ignored.


Writing news!

I have some great news to share with you all. I have just signed my first book contract! I am thrilled to join the team at Crooked Cat Publishers and can’t wait to see my latest book, Ninja School Mum, in print in early 2018.

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I am very lucky to have been offered other book contracts over the years, from wonderful publishers, but this is the right one for me. As soon as I have more news about the exact date of my new book release, I will let you all know. Thank you for your continuing support of my writing journey and for popping by, as it’s very much appreciated. Writing can be an isolating process, but with all of the fabulous authors and readers I have met since I wrote my first book, Babe Driven, it feels like there is such a wealth of support out there. #Total #Stars