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On this page I will be posting some of my blog posts for easy reference. This page is updated regularly. I also run a book group on Facebook where readers and authors can share marketing ideas and get to know each other’s work. There are currently over 890 lovely group members. Click the photo above if you’d like to find out more or join the group.

3 top tips about pinned tweets.

Do more of what makes you happy.

Gift ideas for book lovers.

Websites for writers.

Book review: Grown Up by Marian Keyes.

Author media kits. Tips from a best-selling author. 

Author branding. 3 quick tips for writers.

Marketing tips from bestselling author, Sue Bernard.

Marketing tips from bestselling author, Alice Castle.

Marketing tips from author Adriana Barros.

Writing inspiration.

Featured author day. Crooked cat Books.

Featured author day 2. Crooked cat books.

Reader photos. How they help authors.

How long it took to write a #1 bestseller.

Ninja School Mum. Book info and memes.

Introducing Mary Wood.

Introducing Sandra Danby.

Introducing Rachel J Bonner.

Introducing Ros Rendle.

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