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Networking for Writers – Lizzie Chantree

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My Thoughts. Networking for writers by Lizzie Chantree

Lizzie’s book is eminently readable and has an approachable and can-do tone. It gives practical advice to writers, which it is clear, derived from first-hand experience of its subject matter. Looking in turn at each aspect of social media, the reader will find at least one which they can identify with as a starting point. Full of tips and links, this is a book which someone can dip in and out of, as required, and keep as a reference point.

    I particularly liked how the author not only advises you on a course of action but gives practical advice on how to carry it out. For example, when she advises you to always have some business cards to hand, she also tells you where you can get them made up. She also recommends some sites to visit if you are looking to produce some handy graphics.

In short: Clear, concise, approachable- a great resource!

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My Thoughts:

I’m one of those writers who struggles with networking … I haven’t got the hang of Hashtags and I can never think of anything exciting to say on Facebook or Twitter … then there’s Instagram and Pinterest … well I’m stumped.

Lizzie’s book however is simply written (even dinosaurs like me can understand it.) It’s informative and with short snappy chapters it’s easy to dip in and out of.

If you’re an author who needs help with branding … then look no further.  Networking for Writers will elucidate the whole thing and make it easier to interact on social media in a meaningful way.

The section on procrastination was a welcome read for me as I am so prone to this. It’s starting to write that kills me – once I’m there typing, it tends to flow. However, that’s after umpteen coffees, faffing about and generally avoiding what I really want to do – WRITE!

There’s something in this book for everyone and it’s not going to take ages to read. You will be able to implement any changes or ideas from the book in your own time.

A useful tool for writers aiming to expand their readership and presence through networking.

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