Book Marketing.

After deciding to publish my first book babe Driven, I then found myself in the position of not knowing how to promote it! I have learnt quite a lot over the last year and thought I would share a few basic tips I have discovered about finding readers your books on Twitter.

I have had a Twitter account @Lizzie_Chantree for some time, but only begun posting tweets at the start of last year. I quickly realised that it is a fabulous way to connect with other authors and people who love to read books. I now have over 19.7K followers and often chat to them about a whole array of topics, including my books.

There are some great ways to talk to your customers and promote your books on Twitter, with the use of hashtags, networking forums, and photos of your book covers.

The hashtags #kindle #ebook #book #MustRead #Novel #Paperback #Bookworm #GreatReads are good tags to include in your tweets.

To connect with other writers, you could use: #AmWriting #IndieAuthor #Writing #WriteChat amongst others.

#KPRS are the K Pearson family and they RT many tweets of their hashtag to their huge follower base.

In my opinion a photo is the best way to make your tweets stand out, as I find these tweets get the most RT’s. Photos work best at a set size, or they will appear as a link. 880 x 440 pixels as a rough guide.

Break your book tweets up with topical news about anything that interests you and that you think your followers might like to know about. There are lots of programmes out there that will help you manage your twitter account, so that it leaves you with time to write your books. Hootesuite is easy to navigate, as it CommunIt and ManageFlitter.

Have a great day!

From Lizzie.

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