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I use a lot of Twitter ads that I have designed to promote my work on social media. If you would like one or more designed for your book, product or business, they are £10 per design. For review ads, please keep the review or testimonial short, so that the text is easy to read. When you pay with PayPal, you will receive an email requesting clear images of your book covers or products and the quotes you would like used where applicable. The ad will be emailed back to you as soon as the design is completed, usually within 7 days. You can choose more than one of each design if you have several products or books to promote.

Alice Castle

Isabella may

One book cover and a short review.

Book cover and review quote. Background to match cover.


Two book covers or products.

Two book covers, with background to compliment the book covers.


Book cover and product details.

Your book picture/cover/product, plus your own text. Up to six lines of text (up to 6 words each).


Three book covers or products.

Three book covers or product shots, with background to compliment the design. Drop shadow on photos.


Product shot and text.

One product shot and your own text. Provide us with your company name and product photo, when we email you and up to three lines of short text.


Your company logo in a Twitter ad.

Send us your company logo and we can make an ad like this for you.


Three book covers/product shots.

Three book covers or product shots with complimenting background colour. No drop shadow.


Jan hawke

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Lisa Mackay