Prize Winners

It’s exciting to announce that my prize giveaway was won by newsletter subscriber Heather and social media follower, Tammy.  Congratulations ladies! You have both won a signed copy of my latest book, The little ice cream shop by the sea, a colourful set of ice cream bowls and spoons and a set of around fifty little ice cream craft charms.

I have never run a newsletter giveaway before and was amazed by the response.  My subscribers didn’t have to do anything other than to reply to the email to say they would like to be included in the competition. It’s a lovely way for me to be able to say thank you to my subscribers for signing up for my latest news and i’ll probably run more competitions just for my subscribers, with each launch. I will also offer some other bookish prizes in between.

I’m also going to be starting my Author Of The Week blog posts again and share Marketing Tips on some Mondays to help fellow creatives find a wider audience. This won’t just be for writers, but for anyone in a creative industry, so I hope it’s helpful. I’ve been asked to run more networking seminars and to write networking articles, details of which will appear on my blog later in the year, in case you’d like to attend the seminars.

Have a brilliant day everyone. From Lizzie.

Launch day! Romance, sun, sea and ice cream

My book launch day is finally here! My new book, The Little Ice Cream Shop By The Sea, is full of sun kissed beaches, delicious ice cream and finding love in the most unexpected of places.  Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Book blurb:

Genie’s family is in crisis. Their seafront business is failing with the loss of Genie’s grandmother and her legendary ice cream flavours. Genie is determined to be the one to save her family’s heritage, but suddenly her mother wants to sell to developers and leave their shared history behind.

Buying the business and taking on a sixty-eight year old business partner, Ada, with a mysterious past and a gorgeous but distracting grandson, Genie sets out to prove her parents wrong.

Ada’s grandson, Cal, wants to protect his gran from ‘pensioner persuader’, Genie, but soon realises that living in a little seaside town and away from the paparazzi in Hollywood can actually give him time to heal. Hiding in a seafront business with its fiery owner and working as kitchen staff, is the only way he can think of to keep his ex-Hollywood glamour-puss, gran from harm.

Hiring a private detective and learning about Genie’s parent’s past makes Cal regret his own impulsiveness. The information he has unearthed could destroy their blossoming relationship and turn Genie’s world upside down.

Genie soon discovers that friends can become enemies and your closest family can have lied to you for your whole life.

Limited time 99p/99c ebook offer to celebrate the launch.

To celebrate the launch I’m also running a book and prize giveaway. You’ll find the terms and conditions on my competition page.  The prize is a signed paperback copy of The Little Ice Cream Shop By The Sea, a colourful set of ice cream cups and spoons and a really cute ice cream charm set of about 50 charms. To enter the prize giveaway, share this blog post and leave a comment below this post, or pop by my Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter pages and share the competition post, plus tag two book loving friends in the comments below those social media posts. You can enter the competition on different social media pages for more chances to win. Good luck everyone!

Valentines Day Gift For You.


Happy Valentines Day everyone. I hope you are having a great day and that it brings some sunshine, whatever you are doing.  On that note, my bestselling book, Babe Driven, is free for a few days. So kick back, relax and treat yourself to some sizzling beaches, cocktails and romance between the pages today.

Have a brilliant day and enjoy your free gift from me. x

Reader reviews:

‘This book is fantastic. I couldn’t put it down. A lovely happy story with one intriguing story line after another. It keeps you coming back for more, so that only two days later you’re already reading the last page.
I have 5***** as I wasn’t able to leave more.
I’d not read any of the author’s work previously – now I shall be devouring every book she’s written.
Buy the book.
You won’t regret it.’


‘I was just amazed at Harry’s character. In the beginning, I saw her as this woman with not much self-confidence who may let people take advantage of her. So, imagine my shock when that perception was blown out of the water. I liked her in the beginning, but I LOVED her in the end.

If you are looking for a book with a strong female character with heart, you can’t go wrong with this one!!!’


‘Babe Driven is a Feel Good, Flirty, Funny, Rom Com with Strong and Quirky Characters, plenty of drama, Sass, plenty of Humour, Intrigue, a dash of mystery and some cleverly plotted twists and turns to keep you on your toes!’


Secrets from a writer’s desk

Hello everyone. How are you today?

I’ve been thinking a lot about my writing space lately and wondering what you could tell about my writing style from the things that I always have at hand, when I start a book. The first necessity is a great desk and workspace. I try and keep mine clear of clutter, but I end up with my writing tools surrounding me.  I have a bright orange desk timer that I use for writing sprints and the buddy sessions I run for other writers each week. Next to that sit several colourful marker pens and a family photo. I also have about four A4 lined writing pads beside me, with notes on either the book I’m writing, marketing, lists of my social media planning or timings of my schedule for the day. It feels familiar and cosy to have pens and books around while I’m writing.  I also have a couple of pretty notebooks nearby. I adore notebooks! I can’t walk past one without thinking that I need to add it to my collection.

I don’t play music or have a television on whilst I’m working, as in my head, I’m chatting to my characters and learning their story. Writing books  is an exciting job and no two days are the same.  It’s usually a circle of writing one book, editing another and submitting a third to my publisher.

Behind me is a wall of books, including ones I have written, which makes me smile whenever I sit down to work. I built my desk out of a leftover piece of kitchen worktop and added metal legs to it, as I wanted a wide workspace, but recently I’ve been looking at more practical options and have found some gorgeous choices! I definitely need to update. I don’t have any plants in my office, but I do have a beautiful view across fields, which inspires my creativity. I love to write when I’m near the sea, mountains, or anything beautiful. I feel more relaxed in that environment. If there is a frothy coffee available and a slice of cake too, then I could stay for hours!

What does your workspace say about you?


I’ve been working on my upcoming book launch on the 19th February and it’s strange doing this during the pandemic. I’ve decided to offer my book at 99p/99c for one week from launch, before it goes back up to full price of £2.99/$4.05 So I hope you all get a chance to grab a copy and enjoy some sunshine and ‘you time’.


Have a wonderful week everyone. From Lizzie.

Ella Cook. Top Author of the week.

It’s my pleasure to showcase the work of talented author, Ella Cook, today. Ella’s been obsessed with books since she was a toddler. She decided to become a writer as soon as she realised that stringing letters together in the right order could actually be a career.

She grew up in the outskirts of London, where fairies lived at the bottom of her Grandma’s garden, so it isn’t surprising that she still looks for magic in everyday life – and often finds it.

When she’s not living in a fantasy world of her own creation, she writes bids and develops programmes for children’s services. She lives in rural Warwickshire (where there are probably more fairies) with her husband who is ever loving and understanding, and makes her gallons of tea in magical cups that can keep drinks warm for whole chapters.

Throughout lockdown, Ella’s spent a lot of time cleaning (who hasn’t), crocheting rainbows, and writing. She’s got two new novels in progress – but did take a few breaks to write stories (featuring a lot more dinosaur poop and talking animals than her usual style) for some very special youngsters spending birthdays in shielded lockdown.

You can contact Ella at or find her on Twitter @Ellacookwrites


I asked Ella to send me some photos  to tell us more about her life and writing. She sent a lovely selection.

1 – A photo of you we won’t have seen anywhere else: A photo of me in full geek mode. Hoodie, no make up and glasses!

2 – Where do you write: I write anywhere and everywhere. I have a beautiful garden room where I write and work when it’s warm enough – and yes | do sit on the ball instead of the chair. But in recognition of how cold it gets, my husband bought me a lapdesk this Christmas, so I can get comfy on the couch too. I’m also a real wimp about being cold, so at this time of year can often be seen sat against a radiator!

  1. Use three photos or images to describe your personality.

The flowers I tied for my brother’s and (now) sister-in-law’s wedding. My Grandma and Mum had me hand-tying button holes when I a child, and I’ve kept doing them ever since. I did the flowers for my own wedding, for family members, and don’t think I ever gave my Mum a bunch of flowers I didn’t arrange myself!

This is a light trail photo I took playing with sparklers in the garden with my Dad (pre-covid!). He’s a fantastic photograph – much better than me! – and we’ve done a few courses together, including light trail patterns. I especially like this shot because it reminds me of that evening, and a heart formed of light in the darkness just appeals so much – because sometimes that’s exactly what love is: the light in the darkest moments.

My mixer. Like a lot of people, we’ve been baking more during lockdown. This is the Kenwood Chef I inherited from my Grandma (it’s older than me!), and the cover made in one of my favourite colours by my incredibly talented Mum. It’s made countless birthday cakes, Christmas cakes, and probably my Christening cake! The past means a lot to me, and our home is an eclectic mix of modern and vintage. The fact that the house was built in the 1950’s helps make this work!

  1. Share a photo of your favourite holiday destination.

Beautiful Devon

  1. Post a photo of something that you baked, learnt or made, during lockdown.

My husband has taken up astronomy over lockdown – and I’ve started to try a bit of night sky photography… it’s a steep learning curve and tricky as I don’t used a DSLR, but I’m getting there, and did catch the yellow moon in Summer though!

Read “Beyond Grey” by Ella Cook available from Rakuten Kobo. Have the tissues ready for this beautifully written, emotional debut novel. What if you became an outsider in your own l…
Have the tissues ready for this beautifully written, emotional debut novel. What if you became an outsider in your own life? Jennifer Hu…

The Links – Beyond Grey


Happy new week everyone. I hope you’re all safe and well. I’ve been organising my work space and trying to keep up with publishing deadlines in the last two weeks. I have a contemporary romance book out on the 19th February this year and another launching in May with my new American publisher. It’s exciting to see how different people work. My new publisher has had this book for a while now, so I’m literally hopping around with excitement to see it’s finally getting closer to publication. They have designed a cute cover and it’s ready for the launch.

I’ve also been tidying out my little office and now have photos of all of my book covers, on the walls. This makes it much easier than lugging my big computer downstairs when I host seminars. Now I can stay in my studio and not worry about dropping my computer on the way, as I’m so clumsy! I think I literally trip over my own feet. My studio was a bit messy before and the bookshelves were stuffed with files. Now they have beautiful books on them.

Having the book covers on the walls makes me feel proud when I walk into my office about what I’ve achieved, but also spurs me on to keep writing more books. I think we forget to pat ourselves on the back sometimes and are too ready to put ourselves down, so a visual reminder of things we are proud of, can lift the mood and remind us we can find our way.

Have a brilliant week everyone and why don’t you make your own uplifting mood wall! Let me know how you get on.


The Little Ice Cream Shop By The Sea

The Little Ice Cream Shop By The Sea By Lizzie Chantree

How are you all? This week I’m relieved to have completed the first edits of my new book, which is part of a romance series. Now I just need to write book two and three! I’m also working on having the pre-order for my next release, The Little Ice Cream Shop By The Sea, moved forward for a February release. You can pre-order by clicking the cover image above. I’ve also been sent the cover design of Shh… It’s Our Secret, which will be out in May, with my American publisher, which is exciting! I can’t wait to share it with you all.

I hope you are all managing well with the new lockdown rules wherever you are. For us it’s tier four and we can only go outside for an hour to exercise with one person. It’s weird listening to homeschooling whilst trying to concentrate on writing, as my only usual writing buddy is my dog, Pepper.  She sits on my lap or by my feet while I’m writing and is such good company. Do you have a pet who is also a writing or reading buddy? Feel free to post a photo in the comments if you do.

I’m currently taking part in a joint book giveaway with other authors.  Enter for a chance to win 30+ Romantic Suspense novels from your favourite bestselling and award-winning authors via @BookSweeps, plus a brand new Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet! #AmReading #Bookworm #Suspense #Books Competition entry link

Have a wonderful week everyone.


A New Chapter


Happy New Year everyone! Have you started the year feeling full of energy or procrastination? I had a week off of work and have come back eager to get writing. I battle depression which began when my child was unwell for so many years (she’s fine now), so I have to rest when my mind gets a bit hectic, to keep myself balanced and full of mischief! I think this is also why I write uplifting books – in the hope of bringing some sunshine into other people’s lives too. I have a huge list of work to be done in a short timescale and this does overwhelm me sometimes, so I use social media planners and lists to keep myself focussed, so that I can visually see what needs to be done. I also break tasks down into more manageable jobs and find them quicker to complete.

Adding lists of most to least important, or using colour marker pens to define things, helps me see clearly which tasks need completing straight away and which aren’t so important.

Writing always lifts my energy as it’s a lot of fun and speaking to other creatives regularly online also keeps me full of smiles. In the next few weeks I need to finish first edits of a manuscript, start writing the second novel in the series and update all of my social media, newsletters and blog posts. To make sure this doesn’t overwhelm, I fill each job with as much excitement as I can by being creative and thinking of what might make my audience smile. Luckily I love chatting to readers and writers, I enjoy graphic design and am obsessed by writing, so that helps balance the work flow!

Wishing you all an incredible 2021. Stay safe and well and fill those days with creativity and smiles.


Love-Struck Reads

I think we sometimes forget how in love we feel with fictional characters and how they can lift our mood. Mr Darcy from Pride and prejudice is a prime example, but Elizabeth was just as inspiring. We have just gone into teir 4 where I live and I’ve been turning to my ‘to be read’ list to cheer myself up. I’ve jumped into romances, magical reads and detective series and they really do grab your attention and bring you into their world for a while. I’ll always be drawn to romances first, as that’s what I write, but stepping outside of my comfort zone with a new book can be exciting too.

Which fictional characters have you fallen in love with?

Here are a handful of the amazing books that have been featured or reviewed, on my website over the last year or so.

Jane Cable Cass GraftonLorraine Mace.

Lucy Keeling. Gilli Allan. Colette Mccormick

Kirsten Bailey Marian KeyesAlice Castle



Elaine Roberts

Audrey Davis

Belinda Missen. Top Author Of The Week.


It’s starting to feel really festive here and what better gift for someone you love, than a brand new book? Today’s Top Author, is Belinda Missen! Author and sometimes foodie, Belinda is a ridiculous romantic who met her husband after being introduced by a friend two states away.

Residing in country Victoria, surrounded by books, cat-fur, and half-eaten cake, Belinda divides her days between writing rom-coms, baking, and indulging her love of comic books.

Belinda holds a Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing from Federation TAFE. She’ll finish her degree one day.

Post a photo of you that we won’t have seen everywhere else.

This is me with Rose McGowan outside Westminster Abbey in April 2018. My husband and I were sitting in Parliament Square waiting to head into the Abbey for a Shakespeare night and she wandered past. I got far too excited and gushed about her book, but we had a lovely, lovely chat and a photos.

Where do you write?

 I’ve recently moved to a standing desk. I don’t use it as much as I’d like yet (I’m more sitdown writer than the stand up retail worked I used to be), but I’ll get there. It’s also really cool for getting a bit more energy moving through the limbs.

Use three photos or images to describe your personality.

  1. A fruit tree in flower in our backyard. I love that tree and look forward to seeing the hot pink flowers each year (even if we recently cut it down, I know). I’ve planted more in its place, so fingers crossed. 
  2. I love rain. I love the sound of it on our tin roof. I love the smell of it. And i love being in a car on a rainy evening with a good book and even better company. 
  3. I bake – a lot, so recently treated myself to a KitchenAid. Best thing ever and so totally me.

Share a photo of your favourite holiday destination.

 I’m just itching to get back to Paris and London. While I’ve had a really good explore of London (and there’s always more), I’ve barely scratched the surface of Paris. I was hoping to get back there this year but, alas, not meant to be. Maybe in 2022.

Post a photo of something that you baked, learnt or made during lockdown.

 Again, cooking is something I do a lot of. This lockdown, I finally perfected a spicy butter chicken. It’s so good we won’t be going out for it again.

Grab a copy of Belinda’s amazing book here: Link to a book: