Chris Penhall. This week’s Top Author!

I’m absolutely thrilled to be showcasing the work of my good friend, Chris Penhall, today.  Chris and I met for a work meeting this week and it was out first breakfast outside, since lockdown began. We chatted about books, writing and possible future work collaborations. It was so much fun to be able to sit at a table at an outdoor restaurant again. The sea view was beautiful.  Chris is a really interesting lady with a varied and creative work history. Her books are full of fun, romance and laughter.

About Chris:

Author of The House That Alice Built and New Beginnings at the Little House in the Sun, Chris Penhall won the Choc Lit Search for a Star Competition in 2019 and so fulfilled her childhood dream to become a published writer.

Chris is a lover of Portugal (which is handy as that is where the books are set), social salsa dancing and tap (“enthusiastically” or as one teacher described her attempts at Home Economics in a report a long time ago “Christine tries hard but this is not her best subject”) and reading (obviously). She also loves to travel (a cliché but true), cook (is actually quite good) and sit in cafes (in this she is an expert).

Her third book, set in South Wales, which is where she was born, is set to be released in e-book and audio this spring.

The House That Alice Built, by Chris Penhall

Home is where the heart is …

Alice Dorothy Matthews is sensible. Whilst her best friend Kathy is living it up in Portugal and her insufferable ex Adam is travelling the world, Alice is working hard to pay for the beloved London house she has put her heart and soul into renovating.
But then a postcard from Buenos Aires turns Alice’s life upside down. One very unsensible decision later and she is in Cascais, Portugal, and so begins her lesson in ‘going with the flow’; a lesson that sees her cat-sitting, paddle boarding, dancing on top of bars and rediscovering her artistic talents.

But perhaps the most important part of the lesson for Alice is that you don’t always need a house to be at home.

You can find more information about Chris on
or folllow her on Twitter: @ChrisPenhall
Instagram: christinepenhall

The House That Alice Built is book one in the Portuguese Paradise series. The sequel, New Beginnings at the Little House in the Sun is also available on all major platforms in e-book and audio

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WH Smith

Elaine Spires. This week’s Top Author

Hello everyone. This week’s TOP AUTHOR is the lovely Elaine Spires. Elaine is here to tell us all about her book,  Singles’ Holiday.  Writing it proved such a positive step for her as a writer, as it formed the basis for the Singles Series of six books.  It was also the book that got her fired from her job as a singles holiday tour manager!  Elaine came to writing late in life.  She had written a couple of plays in her early forties but she was in her fifties before she published her first book, What’s Eating Me.

Book blurb for Singles’ Holiday:
Antigua… the Caribbean at its most luscious, its most beautiful… silver sand, cobalt sky, warm turquoise sea… and a bunch of complete strangers, who only have one thing in common: they’re single. Some are looking for romance, some for something more. But they’ve all chosen to spend their holiday with people they have never met before. And pretty soon, some will become good friends, some enemies and some lovers. And many of them will experience things they never expected, including their tour manager Eve, who perhaps has the biggest shock of all. A story that will make you laugh and make you cry with just the right number of twists to keep you turning the pages as you get to know all the members of the group as they, in turn, get to know each other.

The Case Of The Disappearing Chocolate Eggs.

Happy new week everyone. How are you?  This week I’ve been working on blog posts for my upcoming book release on the 6th May, for my romance novel, Shh… IT’s Our Secret. This book is about random acts of kindness, the family we choose  – not the one we are born with, and pushing down preconceptions and barriers, especially ones we set for ourselves.

The book also has two very zany pensioners called Doris and Esme, who decide that they will become Violet’s unofficial bodyguards, when her secret is discovered and the whole world wants to know who she is.

Over Easter,  the chocolate eggs that I’d bought and hidden were discovered by my husband and scoffed before the weekend! I had to find a better hiding place for the second batch. Lol:) My writing studio is due for a big tidy up, so I’ll probably discover chocolate there too, as I hide it in my files sometimes to nibble on while I’m working and then forget it’s there!

I love seeing Daffodils poke their head above ground this time of year and it’s hard not to smile when you see them. I hope this week is fun and creative for you all and that we have some warmer weather soon. From Lizzie.

Steven Smith. Book Launch News.

Today, it’s my pleasure to showcase a launch post for a member of my Facebook Book Group, author Steven Smith. Steven’s book, Chasing Shadows, is out on the 1st April 2021.

About Steven:

I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. In school, I loved writing stories. In 2015, I set up a blog to review my then-reading obsession – the Discworld series. Over time the reviews branched out and I added new book-based features.

In late 2019, an idea for a story struck, so I took part in NaNoWriMo to keep me honest. Throughout 2020 that idea eventually became my first novel, Chasing Shadows. In late 2020 I had finally finished revising it, ready for editing and release in early 2021.

I’ve also been hard at work on my second novel, the follow up to Chasing Shadows and trying my hand at a whole host of short stories to boot.

Chasing Shadows

As captain of the airship Arcos, Edison Crow and his childhood partner in crime, Selah, lead their crew in search of a big payday. When it comes to the pursuit of wealth, nothing is out of the question for this band of charming rogues. Smuggling. Theft. Embezzlement. It’s all part of a daring game.

But all is not smooth sailing when you’re a high profile thief with a target on your back. A job gone wrong will thrust Edison, Selah and those aboard the Arcos upon a journey straight to the heart of the shady United Republic of the High Commission in pursuit of the truth.

Troubled by his own personal demons, Edison must navigate dark skies if he hopes to gain answers. Will it be enough to help the infamous Captain Crow clear his and his crew’s names? Or will he end up Chasing Shadows?

Buy your copy here!

Morton S Gray. This week’s TOP AUTHOR.

This week on my blog, I’m showcasing the work of author, Morton S Gray.  Morton writes beautiful books full of sunshine and mystery and they make an exciting addition to any bookshelf. They are complete page turners and the characters jump off of the page and make you want to read more.

From the author:

Morton loves learning new things and these often end up in her books. Crocheting blankets, making her own perfumed soap and weaving have kept her sane during lockdown. She has been tracing her family tree for many years and is fascinated by the new avenues of research opened up by genealogical DNA testing. When she writes fiction, she enjoys the process of solving a mystery that links her characters. Her sixth novel for Choc Lit Publishing, Summer at Lucerne Lodge is published on 20 April 2021. Her books are stand alone titles that can be read in any order, but are linked by her fictional seaside town of Borteen.

Summer at Lucerne Lodge published by Choc Lit on 20 April 2021.

Blurb :

Could a beautiful old house and a handsome stranger hold the key to a life-changing secret?

Rosie Phillips could be forgiven for not being immediately won over by Tanner Bryant. After all, their first meeting involves him knocking a tray of prawn cocktail over her very expensive dress at a charity event in the grounds of Lucerne Lodge.

But little does Rosie know how pivotal that awkward first meeting will be, or how the Lodge will become the unexpected backdrop for a summer spent finding out who she really is, and who she could be …


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Anne Coates. Top Author Of The Week.

This week’s TOP AUTHOR POST welcomes brilliant writer, Anne Coates. Inspired by her mother who taught her to read before she went to school and by the Deputy Head at her secondary school in Harlow, Essex who encouraged her hunger for reading by granting her free access to the books not yet in the school library – she feels still grateful for this, in her eyes, amazing privilege.

During her career, she worked for publishers, as a journalist, writer, editor, and translator. The birth of her daughter, Olivia inspired her to write non-fiction books, such as ‘Your Only Child’ (Bloomsbury, 1996), books about applying to and surviving university (NeedtoKnow, 2013), but also short stories, tales with a twist, and stories exploring relationships, published in in various women’s magazines including Bella and Candis.

After working on Woman’s Weekly and Woman & Home, Anne went freelance and found herself interviewing all types of people from those working on gas rigs to prostitutes and some of their situations made her think “What if…” And so, investigative journalist Hannah Weybridge was born…

The Hannah Weybridge series is published by Urbane Publications. Anne lives with three demanding cats, enjoys reading, and is missing going to the theatre and cinema, wining and dining and time with her family and friends.

Meet Anne:

It only took one tap dancing class (and some coaching from my mother who had been a dancer) to realise that I would never be a Ginger Rogers but being a journalist and writing fiction has allowed  me to explore all manner of careers and situations with far less embarrassment. During lockdown I have found returning to the 90s when my Hannah Weybridge series is set has been a relief and once again much of the action my WIP takes place in Waterloo – where my mother was born and some of my expended family lived. I can’t wait to walk those streets again and absorb the personal as well as public history. For me writing has been a way to reconnect and rediscover something we’ll all hopefully be doing more of soon.

Where to find Anne’s social media pages:Author Website:
FB Author Page:


Dulwich library is the scene of a suspicious death, followed swiftly by another in Manchester, the victims linked by nothing other than their Australian nationality. Police dismiss the idea of a serial killer, but journalist Hannah Weybridge isn’t convinced. She is drawn into an investigation in which more Australian men are killed as they try to trace their British families. Her research reveals past horrors and present sadness, and loss linked to children who went missing after the Second World War. Have those children returned now?

Once again Hannah finds herself embroiled in a deadly mystery, a mystery complicated by the murder of Harry Peters; brother of Lucy, one of the residents of Cardboard City she had become friendly with. It soon becomes clear Lucy is protecting secrets of her own – what is Lucy’s link to the murders and can Hannah discover the truth before the killer strikes again?



Val Penny. This week’s Top Author.

How are  you all today? I’ve finally sent the third round of edits back to my editor and have some time to work on book two of my new romance series. I can’t wait to show you all the cover designs when they are ready.

This week it’s my pleasure to showcase the work of another author and to offer them some support. Val penny is a brilliant writer who is the author of a page turning series of detective books. Once you start the first book in the series, you’ll find yourself drawn to the next book straight away.

Val Penny’s crime novels, Hunter’s Chase Hunter’s Revenge, Hunter’s Force Hunter’s Blood and Hunter’s Secret form the bestselling series The Edinburgh Crime Mysteries. They are set in Edinburgh, Scotland, published by darkstroke. Her first non-fiction book Let’s Get Published is also available now and she has most recently contributed her short story, Cats and Dogs to a charity anthology, Dark Scotland.

Val is an American author living in SW Scotland with her husband and two cats.

Some 5 star reviewer praise for Val’s work:

‘Gripping, Fast Paced Crime Thriller, with a sprinkling of Humour!’

‘I have a new hero: Detective Inspect Hunter – tough when needs be but with a soft centre.’

From, Val Penny:

2020 was a strange year all across the globe. I am, by nature a gregarious person and the restrictions placed on socialising because of the deadly coronavirus were as difficult for me as for everybody else. However, I was lucky. I am an author, and I spent the year writing two books, the non-fiction Let’s Get Published and the fifth book in The Edinburgh Crime Mysteries, Hunter’s Secret. I also made contact with a narrator to arrange for the first book in the series, Hunter’s Chase, to be made into an audio book. It will be out by the end of March 2021.

Hunter’s Secret book blurb:

Detective Inspector Hunter Wilson is called to the scene of a murder. DCs Tim Myerscough and Bear Zewedu found a corpse, but when Hunter arrives it has disappeared, and all is not as it seems.

Hunter recalls the disappearance of a dead body thirty years earlier. The Major Incident Team is called in but sees no connection – it is too long ago. Hunter is determined to investigate the past and the present with the benefit of modern DNA testing.

Tim has other problems in his life. His father, Sir Peter Myerscough, is released from jail. He, too, remembers the earlier murder. There is no love lost between Hunter and Sir Peter. Will Hunter accept help from his nemesis to catch a killer?
Hunter’s own secret is exciting and crucial to his future. Will it change his life? And can he keep Edinburgh safe?

Author Contact Details And Buy Links:

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Reader Reviews

Hello everyone. I’m excited today as I’ve decided to add a reader photo page to my website, to showcase photos that people send me of my books, or of themselves with me or my books. I’ve also made some gorgeous book memes with reviews from my lovely readers, by way of a thank you from me to you all, for taking the time to post and share those beautiful reviews.

You can find the review memes  on my reader review page, but here are a few examples.

A big thank you to all of the people who have posted reviews of my books and who continue to share news of my new releases and offer me so much support.

Friday Fun

Hello everyone. How are you? I’ve been getting back into doing school runs and trying to reorganise my writing schedule. I’m currently editing a new manuscript. It’s book one of a romance series about four feisty women who are friends from school and three brothers who live in the same town. I’m hoping that the first in the series will be out this year.

I thought I’d post some funny memes to make you smile today, as it’s raining here and we all need some sunshine. I hope that my books bring some happiness to my readers and it’s like me sending a hug to you. You reading my books, is like a hug back! #GroupHug


Have an amazing weekend everyone! From Lizzie.


M J Mallon. New book launch!

If you love poetry, then this is the book for you! I’m thrilled to be part of the launch of author M J Mallon‘s new poetry book, Lockdown Innit.  M J is a big supporter of other authors and it’s great to be able to give something back. Grab your copy of this interesting and thought provoking book here: Universal link for kindle:


Lockdown Innit is a poetry collection of eighteen poems about life’s absurdities and frustrations during lockdown. Wherever you live in this world, this is for you. Expect humour, a dollop of banter and ridiculous rants here and there. Amongst other delights, witness the strange antics of a swan posing by a bin and two statuesque horses appearing like arc deco pieces in a field. Check out the violin player on a tightrope, or the cheeky unmentionables wafting in the lockdown breeze!

 Buying Links Lockdown Innit 

Kindle Amazon UK:

Kindle Amazon US:


Lockdown Innit is the second book that Marjorie has released during this time period

The first, This Is Lockdown released in kindle in July 2020. This Is Lockdown is a compilation and anthology of my diaries, poetry, flash fiction and 28 wonderful contributions from international authors, bloggers and creatives sharing their thoughts, poetry, and flash fiction during covid19. Many old friends contributed to the anthology and she discovered many new authors, and creatives via compiling this anthology.

This Is Lockdown is available in a shorter paperback version with poetry, flash fiction and contributions  (the diaries are only in the kindle version.)