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Essex Author’s day.

Chelmsford Library. Essex. 25th September 2021. 

Not long now until Essex Authors Day! Join me on the 25th September at Chelmsford Library, for an hour of book marketing tips and a 30 minute Q&A where you can ask advice about your own work. Tickets available via Essex Libraries.

Seminar feedback:

‘Very informative seminar with lots to take away.’


‘Very Helpful and interesting, a lot of food for thought.’

‘A lot of useful information well-presented – Thank you.’

‘Such a useful session and so many great tips! Loved it!!’

‘Very informative. Great creative ideas on how to market your book’

‘Very useful, a lot to think about.’


‘Very Useful.’

‘Great loads of info.’


Leading expert Lizzie Chantree joins us for a seminar about how networking can help writers find an audience.


  • How to grow your social media presence.
  • Online groups and where to find the right ones for authors.
  • Author branding and what your brand says about you.
  • Tips for networking and advice on best practices for new and established writers.
  • How books become bestsellers.

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Attendee reviews:

‘A really useful presentation Lizzie!’ – Pernille Hughes.

‘Thanks for an interesting and enjoyable evening.’ – Victoria Springfield.

‘Just wanted to say that i really enjoyed your workshop last night Lizzie. It was thoroughly interesting, informative and educational.’ – Kim Nash.

‘Fabulous event, Lizzie.’  – Jenni Keer.

‘It was fabulous and now I want to know more, so I’m off to look at networking for Writers.’ – Jenny Worstall.

‘Thank you for generously sharing your wisdom. You are an inspiration!’ – Deborah Klee.

‘Thank you so much for taking the time today, your talk was great! Lots of amazing ideas for me to go after now!’  – Steven Smith.

‘Thank you Lizzie. Great session.’  – Sue Sharp.

‘Lots of ideas to motivate and inspire!’ – Gail Aldwin.

‘Great seminar and i downloaded your book.’ – Natalie Roberts.

‘It was such a great event!’ – Helen cook.

‘It was fab. Really found it interesting and helpful Thanks so much for sharing your time and knowledge.’ Jane Risdon.

‘Thanks for all the tips.’ – Katie Wells.

‘Thank you Lizzie. It was excellent!’ – Claire Merchant.

‘Thanks for a fantastic presentation!’ – Jan Baynham.

‘Thank you so much for the seminar, Lizzie. It was so informative and has made me feel a little less overwhelmed. – Sinead Courtney.

‘I really enjoyed it and learned so much – thank you!’ – Lily Watson.

‘Fab presentation.’ – Madeleine F White.


Recent reviews from a seminar I delivered as part of Essex Authors Day (The Essex Book Festival). Networking For Writers.
Council review: ‘The attendees found the session useful, packed full of information and very enjoyable. Well done!’

Attendee reviews:

  • Excellent presentation, very informative, thought-provoking and encouraging.
  • Lots of very useful advice. Well presented. Will try to get my social media up and running.
  • Excellent presentation all round. I would happily have paid more.
  • Packed full of information – very practical and helpful.
  • Brilliant – clear and informative – inspiring. Very helpful. Thanks.
  • Great session! Very informative and packed with useful tips. Great speaker – very engaging.
  • Lots of useful, tangible advice of how to establish a social media presence + how to best prioritise your time.
  • A brilliant session from an experienced author & inspirational business woman. The whole event was brilliant.



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