Seminars and Events

Leading expert Lizzie Chantree joins us for a seminar about how networking can help writers find an audience.


  • How to grow your social media presence.
  • Online groups and where to find the right ones for authors.
  • Author branding and what your brand says about you.
  • Tips for networking and advice on best practices for new and established writers.
  • How books become bestsellers.

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Attendee reviews:

‘A really useful presentation Lizzie!’ – Pernille Hughes.

‘Thanks for an interesting and enjoyable evening.’ – Victoria Springfield.

‘Just wanted to say that i really enjoyed your workshop last night Lizzie. It was thoroughly interesting, informative and educational.’ – Kim Nash.

‘Fabulous event, Lizzie.’  – Jenni Keer.

‘It was fabulous and now I want to know more, so I’m off to look at networking for Writers.’ – Jenny Worstall.

‘Thank you for generously sharing your wisdom. You are an inspiration!’ – Deborah Klee.

‘Thank you so much for taking the time today, your talk was great! Lots of amazing ideas for me to go after now!’  – Steven Smith.

‘Thank you Lizzie. Great session.’  – Sue Sharp.

‘Lots of ideas to motivate and inspire!’ – Gail Aldwin.

‘Great seminar and i downloaded your book.’ – Natalie Roberts.

‘It was such a great event!’ – Helen cook.

‘It was fab. Really found it interesting and helpful Thanks so much for sharing your time and knowledge.’ Jane Risdon.

‘Thanks for all the tips.’ – Katie Wells.

‘Thank you Lizzie. It was excellent!’ – Claire Merchant.

‘Thanks for a fantastic presentation!’ – Jan Baynham.

‘Thank you so much for the seminar, Lizzie. It was so informative and has made me feel a little less overwhelmed. – Sinead Courtney.

‘I really enjoyed it and learned so much – thank you!’ – Lily Watson.

‘Fab presentation.’ – Madeleine F White.


Recent reviews from a seminar I delivered as part of Essex Authors Day (The Essex Book Festival). Networking For Writers.
Council review: ‘The attendees found the session useful, packed full of information and very enjoyable. Well done!’

Attendee reviews:

  • Excellent presentation, very informative, thought-provoking and encouraging.
  • Lots of very useful advice. Well presented. Will try to get my social media up and running.
  • Excellent presentation all round. I would happily have paid more.
  • Packed full of information – very practical and helpful.
  • Brilliant – clear and informative – inspiring. Very helpful. Thanks.
  • Great session! Very informative and packed with useful tips. Great speaker – very engaging.
  • Lots of useful, tangible advice of how to establish a social media presence + how to best prioritise your time.
  • A brilliant session from an experienced author & inspirational business woman. The whole event was brilliant.



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