Meet author Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko

I am delighted to introduce you to author Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko. Joy has a wonderful new book out and I hope you all rush home and buy a copy today!


Pregnant Future

(No One Knows What Tomorrow Will Bring)

A True-Life Memoir


 Living with the Nuns my first year in Rome did not prepare me for life in Rome. I was sheltered, protected, and constantly watched by the Nuns. I wanted to fly, to be my own person, and to explore Rome to the fullest. I did not even have a television, and could only listen to the news, with the Nuns in attendance, in their common room. I wanted out, and yet I was afraid to venture out.

The scene between the Madre Superior and Justina solved the problem for Justina and for me. I moved out and it was not pretty. I was now open to all sorts of challenges.

By this time, the line was drawn between me and those other Nigerian snubs. I had no contact with them. They lived in their gilded, and well protected world, and I lived in my own rather confused and disorganized world. It was a very stressful time for me, but for the grace of God… I use this expression a lot because I believe that without God watching over me, and my guardian angels making sure that I did not fall off the cliff, I don’t know where I would have been today. I know how those who tangoed and rhumbaed with me ended.


Pregnant Future Trailer

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Joy has written and published extensively on national and international scholarly journals, magazines, and newspapers. 

Her first short story I Come from Utopia was published in African Voices, Spring/Summer, 2007, pg. 18. Since then, she has published numerous others in RAVE SOUP FOR THE WRITER’S SOUL Anthology, Bks 1-3.

Mirror of Our Lives: Voices of Four Igbo Women was published in 2011, and was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Book Contest in 2012. She has also two books published in the Italian language.

The Legend of the Walking Dead: Igbo Mythologies, is a journey into the mysteries of life and death of the Igbos of Nigeria was published in 2014

In Pregnant Future, her new Novel, Justina is the story of every young woman who found herself alone in the world to fend for herself. It is the story of the pitfalls that await such a woman. It is the story of   survival


Author of:

Legend of The Walking Dead: Igbo Mythologies

Mirror of Our Lives: Voices of Four Igbo Women

Pregnant Future


Contact details:


Bog:                 www.Jinlobify.Com

Twitter:           @Jinlobify

Facebook:       Facebook

How to make an author smile :)

I had a great review for my book Love’s Child recently on Amazon. Giving and author a good review for a story you’ve enjoyed is like handing them a rainbow!

Coming to the end of a book and then seeing the ‘rate this book page’, is usually enough to send most people screaming from the room, quite possibly throwing their Kindle into a drawer without a backward glance as if it was made of molten lava!

From an author’s perspective, spending months and often years writing a story and then seeing a review where someone says they have enjoyed the story, is enough to warm their soul and support them on their writing journey.

I read and review many lovely books and have just started adding a few of them to this blog. Amazon requires a title for it’s review, then simply one or two sentences to say what you liked about the story. It can be as detailed as you like, or literally…’A great read!’ or ‘I enjoyed the story. Give it a try!’ These few words might be enough to entice another reader to discover the work of an author they haven’t seen before and they generally mean the world to the person who wrote the book.

The author might use your quote in marketing material, on their website or blog, or print it in the back of their next book. If you have a blog or website yourself and post your review there, the author may tweet or reblog your content, which could help with your own viewing figures.

Make an author smile today. Leave a review and help a reader find their new favourite story. Thank you 🙂

Here are some amazing blogs:

D.E Howards blog. Dawn Delivers: Love’s Child book review.

When Angels Fly. Blog by S. Jackson and A. Raymond: Finding Gina book review. 


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Pay It Forward.

Todays RRBC author: Nancy Bell.

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Nancy Marie Bell is a proud Albertan and lives near Balzac, Alberta with her husband and various critters. She is a member of The Writers Union of Canada and the Writers Guild of Alberta. Nancy has numerous writing credits to her name, having three novels published and her work has been published in various magazines. She has also had her work recognized and honoured with various awards, and most recently, a silver medal in the Creative Writing category of the Alberta 55 Plus Summer Games in 2013. Nancy has presented at the Surrey International Writers Conference in 2012 and 2013, and at the Writers Guild of Alberta Conference in 2014. She has publishing credits in poetry, fiction and non-fiction.

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Christmas Storm by Nancy Bell:

This humourous romance is set in the real life town of Longview, Alberta. All the characters, with the exception of The Travelling Mabels, are figments of my imagination. The Travelling Mabels are a trio of singer songwriters who are releasing their second CD on June 12, 2011. The Mabels have graciously agreed to allow me to include them in Christmas Storm in the scene where Michelle and Cale go to a Christmas concert at East Longview Hall. Mary, an older mother figure in Michelles life, is a consumate matchmaker. Mary decides it would suit her purposes if Michelle’s truck disappeared during the concert. Cale, the new vet who Michelle dislikes on sight, is also duped by Mary and finds himself seated next to Michelle instead of Doc, Mary’s husband and Cale’s new partner. Needless to say, Cale drives Michelle home, he only lives across the coulee from her ranch so it’s not even out of his way. There are lots of ups and downs on the road to true happiness, Michelle just isn’t sure she can keep the truck on the road with the shiny side up.

See Nancy’s work here:


Twitter: @emilypikkasso


Pay it forward. Loren Weaver.

Todays RRBC author: Loren Weaver

Loren Weaver book cover

Biography: About Loren:

I’m Loren Weaver, and I’m glad you’re here! Let me tell you a little about me.

To start, I’m not a full time writer. I have a BS in Civil Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. In my day job, I’m an engineer.

In my free time, I’m a personal fitness coach. I enjoy helping other people reach their health goals, which is more than just ‘lose 10 pounds.’

I’m currently working on a MA in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University because I want to become a better writer. It’s slow going, but I’m learning a lot that I’m trying to apply to my stories. I’ve been writing since I was eleven, in one form or another. I like to think I’ve gotten a little better at it.

I’m a paranormal junkie. So most of my stories and a lot of the books I read are in that genre. I enjoy looking into the history of the paranormal myths and some of the modern twists. I’m also an avid reader and will discuss a good book all day long.

Interesting facts about me? I love crazy sports and have my black belt in Tae Kwon Do, master SCUBA diver certificate, and motorcycle license. I dream of setting foot on all seven continents before I die.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better!

Books by Loren Weaver:

Loren weaver 2

Tiger’s Peace:

Leroy has finally caught up with Victoria Novak, the only living Sorceress, after years of running and hiding.  But this time, he has no intent to let her go.  He’s kidnapped the Sorceress with no ransom. Tori hopes her friends at the FPD are searching for her, but there’s little hope they’ll ever find her.

When she’s thrown into a cage with a young weretiger with no control, things could get very messy very fast.  Tortured by silver bars on a silver cage, this tiger’s never seen the light of day. But it’s not just cruelty that made Tori and the tiger cell mate, Leroy is tormenting her with something.

Tori learns some horrifying facts about her new tiger friend, and now must escape with him to bring her Tiger’s Peace.

Read the Tiger’s Peace Sample Chapters!

Loren weaver 3

Havoc’s Cry. 

The only living Sorceress, Victoria Novak, finally earned a peaceful, normal life. But with one howl on a full moon, her whole life crashes back into paranormal chaos. The FBI show up to recruit her to the Federal Paranormal Division, the very first all paranormal police force and she can’t decline.

Tori must train a new team of special agents in paranormal etiquette in the middle of solving a crime that’s leaving ravaged bodies twisted into grotesque shapes. Caught in the middle of a werewolf fight for dominance, Tori can’t let personal emotion interfere with solving a crime. Until the crime becomes personal.

With her life spinning into chaos, the real question is how far is she willing to go to answer Havoc’s Cry.

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Contact Loren:

Loren Weaver Website:
Twitter: @readlorenweaver

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Pay It Forward.

For three days this week I will be introducing you to a fabulous member of the RRBC, Rave Reviews Book Club. I would love for you to visit their websites and blogs, or even purchase a book or two! Take a look and see if there is a genre that interests you.

Todays RRBC author: Jan Hawkes.

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Jan lives in Cornwall, UK, with husband Pete and Toby and Benji the Springer Spaniels.  Due to ill health she retired early from an IT career in the publications unit of a central government civil service office. She writes literary fiction and fantasy genre. She is also skilled at creative writing; graphic and web design and italian cooking! Her book Milele Safari – An Eternal Journey Paperback is available on Amazon.

On Jan’s blog:

Jan has had her first ever bona fide author interview under her belt courtesy of RRBC’s new media focus RAVE WAVES on BlogTalkRadio. The interview link below is the Milele Safari slideshow file so, for the first time Jan can offer you an embedded video.

Also on Jan’s blog:

What the music industry reveals about publishing.

Buy Milele Safari: An Eternal Journey by author Jan Hawkes here!

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Milele Safari by Janette Mary Hawke

Customer reviews on Amazon:

‘Touching and Well Written’ by Fantasy Queen

‘I have never read anything by this author before (I believe it is her first published work) but I was intrigued by the storyline and delighted with book.’ by Tonyblack

‘Story is beautifully crafted and drew me right in.’ by Paul Walsh

See Jan’s work here:


Twitter: @JanHawke

Book link:

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