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Books and holidays go together, by Maureen Juniper.


Leading a hectic life,  a sunny afternoon sitting on a beach or by a pool with a glass of something cool and a good book is my idea of heaven! Travel can be good fun, but tiring, and a great read helps to make it more relaxing.

Now that it is easier to take several books on holiday via a Kindle or Ipad and looking around me whilst at the airport recently, it seemed other travellers felt the same, by the number of E-readers I saw. Not having to worry about adding weight to a case is also a big advantage.

I still prefer to have a physical book when flying, as although I love traveling I am a nervous  flyer and the more engaging the book the better.

Having read Lizzie Chantree’s other books, I took her latest to read on the plane. It is a story of love, intrigue and passion with an unexpected twist at the end. No one was who they seemed in the story and for once I was a little bit sorry when a flight arrived at it’s destination on time.

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