Introducing author Tom Halford.

Today it’s my great pleasure to introduce fellow Crooked Cat author Tom Halford to you. Tom has sent me a great photo and it looks like he’s really enjoying his book reading. If you grab your own copy, you will find out why! I have this book on my kindle and can’t wait to begin the first page now. Tom’s YouTube channel is worth visiting if you are a reader or writer as he posts lost of informative videos there too.

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Meet Tom:

Tom Halford sandwiches his writing time between a busy work and home schedule. He and his wife, Melissa, have two kids, both of whom are also storytellers. Their daughter, who is 5, has had a play performed by The Story Pirates in New York City. Their son, who is two, can recite all of The Three Little Pigs.

Crime fiction with a twist of black comedy is Tom’s passion. His novel Deli Meat is a dark and disturbing work that features serial killers, a cult, and unexpected twists at every turn. His short-stories have been short-listed and long-listed for the CBC Literary Prizes, which is a national competition in Canada.

Holding a PhD in English Literature, Tom also studies fiction. He is currently working on a nonfiction piece about how the Scottish filmmaker Tom Gentle has adapted a short-story titled “In the Fall” by the Cape Breton author Alistair MacLeod. 

Tom lives on a remote island in the North Atlantic, where it begins to snow in October and doesn’t stop until May. That island is called Newfoundland. It’s home.

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      • This is the first time I haven’t started a new book after finishing one. Not sure where I’m going next, but I am still working on getting my poetry book out and a new christmas short. Still have a kid’s book to get out that been in editing for a while. What about you?

        • Wow! That’s a lot of work. I’m just in edits for my latest book and am about to start a new manuscript for NaNoWriMo.

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