Books I’ve enjoyed this year.

I have read so many fantastic books this year, some by authors I hadn’t heard of before. So I’ve decided to do a post to share some of them with you. I really enjoy finding books by new authors and I have come across many in book groups, forums and on Twitter. Here are the ones that I couldn’t put down. I’ll share a few every couple of weeks.


This whole series by Heidi Catherine was so good. I bought the first book, then had to download the others as soon as they were available. If you like books that will lift your spirits and weave a story of love and loss through the ages, then give these books a try.

The Soulweaver series. Book blurb from Amazon.

Love in La La Land and The Secret were two very different books. One lighthearted and glamorous, one intense and full of secrets and drama. Both beautifully written and enough to make me stay up reading them into the night.

Love in La La Land. Book Blurb from Amazon.

The Secret. Book blurb from Amazon.


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8 thoughts on “Books I’ve enjoyed this year.

    • There are so many books that I have really enjoyed, yours included! I’m going to feature a few great reads each week next year.

  1. How wonderful to be included, Lizzie. Praise from you is praise indeed especially as your two books are high on my novels of the year list too. ‘Ninja School Mum’ was a really unusual premise and great fun and ‘If you love me I’m yours’ was a colourful wonderland of art with serious undertones of loss and belonging.

    • You are so welcome Lynn. I really enjoyed your first book and have your next one on my kindle to read over Christmas.

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