Free book. Today only!

Treat yourself to a free bestseller today! Snuggle up with a new read and have some ‘you time’.  Could you choose between your best friend and the love of your life? Grab a new romantic comedy read from author, Lizzie Chantree. #RomCom If you love me, I’m yours. Pure romance! 


‘Books like this are the reason I love reading.’

‘Rarely has a book held my heart in its hands the way If You Love Me I’m Yours has. An incredibly uplifting romantic story that has had me laughing and crying over and over again.
The depth given to the characters in this novel is a wonder and leads the reader into the fully immersive world of Maud, her friends and family.
I honestly didn’t think Ninja School Mum, by the same author, could be beaten. Yet this story has layers and depths that make the book completely unputdownable.
If you enjoy romantic novels with enjoyable and relatable characters you will LOVE this book.
I simply cannot recommend it highly enough.
And now I’m going to reread it all over again. Lizzie Chantree is fast becoming one of my favourite authors.’ 5 stars!


‘I was captivated by this story, from start to finish! Ahhh! The ending was beautiful, I was silent screaming for days! The story of these artists, their transformations, and their loves. I will definitely be reading this book again and recommending it to so many! It was all very well written, and I could relate to Maud! Thank you, Lizzie Chantree! I will for surely be checking out more of her stuff!’  5 stars!

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