M J Mallon. Top Author Of The Week.


Today’s Top Author of the week, is M J Mallon. M J writes YA Fantasy, Paranormal, multi-genre flash fiction, short stories, poetry and micro poetry. Phew! She is a busy lady. She enjoys writing articles celebrating the spiritual realm, loves nature and all things magical, mystical, and mysterious. M J Mallon is a contributing author in the best-selling horror anthology Nightmareland, edited and compiled by Dan Alatorre.

One of M J Malon’s greatest pleasures is reading. She has written over 100 reviews at her lovely blog home: https://mjmallon.com/2015/09/28/a-z-of-my-book-reviews/

Post a photo of you that we won’t have seen everywhere else.

20200602_160053 (1)

Where do you write?


Use three photos or images to describe your personality

Share a photo of your favourite holiday destination.


Post a photo of something you have baked or made during lockdown



M J Mallon‘s latest release is a magical compilation of poetry, short stories, and photography inspired by the wonder and beauty of the natural world: Mr. Sagittarius.

Twin brothers Harold and William love the magic of the natural world.

When Harold dies, he leaves a simple memorial request.

Will his brother William and his sister Annette honour it?

Or will the garden work its magic to ensure that they do?

A magical story expressed via an original compilation of poetry and prose with photographic images.

Buying Link: http://mybook.to/MrSagittarius

Colette Kebell. Top Author Of The Week.


It is a great pleasure to start my Top Author posts today. I’m running a feature where I ask authors five questions, but have asked for the answers in photos, so we can catch a glimpse inside their worlds. Today’s guest is author, Colette Kebell, who writes in multiple genres and I absolutely love the three photos to describe her personality! To find out more about her wonderful books, click the book cover or link at the end of this post.


1. Post a photo of you that we won’t have seen everywhere else.


2. Where do you write?

My desk area

3. Use three photos or images to describe your personality.


4. Share a photo of your favourite holiday destination.


5.Post a photo of something you have baked or made during lockdown.

Smoked Haddock, kale abd broccoli Lasagne

Author bio:

Colette Kebellis an eclectic author, though a relatively new one and thus far has self-published her books. Her books are light-hearted, fun and quirky and even considered by some to be inspirational.  She publishes mostly for the English speaking market and the Italian one.  Colette Kebell does not stick to just one genre when writing though, as you shall discover from her latest book which launched on 5thApril 2019.

As a career, Colette spent her later years as a legal secretary. After a first attempt at writing many years ago (a book that still remains in her drawer) she resumed this passion a few years back, after being made redundant.  After few book signing events and a book talk, which almost caused her to collapse with nerves, Colette now spends her time between her home in the UK and her home in France.

Colette has two adorable dogs and, when not writing and marketing her books, she likes cooking for herself and her husband, gardening or designing various items for their home.  Amongst her other hobbies, she has also experimented with furniture upholstery, and she might, from time to time, have a paintbrush in her hand.

She can be found on Twitter @ColetteKebell though doesn’t tweet a vast amount.

Colette Kebell book over.


Book buy link: https://mybook.to/Arbitrage


Morning Reminders.

Morning Reminder Post 7 By Lizzie Chantree

Hi everyone. Happy new week. There has been an interesting chat thread in my book group and we have been discussing our creative mindset. It seems that the majority of the writers there have extreme moments of self-doubt when they are around halfway through their books and they sometimes have to walk away from their manuscripts for a while. Luckily most authors seem to bounce back and then love their work the next time they do a read through, but they had interesting ways to get through it. Some try knitting, writing poems, some bribe themselves with chocolate treats, or gifts! Others have quotes in their writing spaces to remind them to keep up the good work. So I thought I’d jot down a few quotes here about not giving up and I will post some randomly on my blog for that extra little boost.

‘The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.’ – Walt Disney. 

‘Focus on being productive instead of busy.’ – Tim Ferriss.

‘Good things happen when you set your priorities straight.’ – Scott Caan.

‘Give them quality. That’s the best kind of advertising.’  – Milton Hershey.

‘Content is king, but distribution is queen and she wears the pants.’ – Jonathan Perelman.

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.’ – Robert Collier.

Meet author Karen King!

Karen King.Top Author pin by Lizzie Chantree-2

I’m thrilled to be able to showcase the work of such  a talented author today, who I had the pleasure of meeting for lunch in Spain, with some other fabulous writers. Karen King’s books are really popular and I’m excited to show you some photos that you might not see everywhere else, that portray her personality, where she writes and more.

  1. Post a photo of you that we won’t have seen everywhere else. This is such a cute photo of Karen when she was five years old. 

pic 1 - Little me

  1. Where do you write? 


  1. Use three photos or images to describe your personality. 
  1. Share a photo of your favourite holiday destination.


5.  Post a photo of something you have baked or made during lockdown. This is a photo of the book Karen wrote during lockdown, her first psychological thriller!


Author Bio

Karen King is a multi-published bestselling author of fiction for both adults and children. She has also written several short stories for women’s magazines.

Currently published by Bookouture and Headline. Karen has recently signed a two-book deal with Bookouture to write psychological thrillers. The first one will be out in November, and the second one in 2021. She is also contracted to write three romance novels for Headline, which will be out in 2021 and 2022.

Grab a copy of Karen’s latest book here:

Book cover

Amazon UK link for The Year of Starting Over: https://t.co/8Je2ebfwTI




Ten Book Club Questions.


If you are part of or running a book club, then it can be tricky to find new things to talk about all of the time. I often use bookish questions on my timelines like the ones below. In my book group, we chat about marketing ideas for writers, readers post book reviews, we talk about why we pick up certain books and readers tell us what their favourite genres are. We also talk about our most recent reads and it’s really interesting to find out other people’s bookish habits! I like discovering where people store their books, if they prefer ebooks to paperbacks and where they write.

Pick your favourite one or two and let me know your answers!











5 Top Parenting Humour Books

It can be a lot of fun, but also exhausting being a parent, so I’ve found some reads and including one of my own, for parents to have a giggle with. These books are full of adventure, mishaps and lots of laughter. Give them a try! The buy links are in the book covers, so click to see more on Amazon.


They’re a glamorous family, the Caseys.

Johnny Casey, his two brothers Ed and Liam, their beautiful, talented wives and all their kids spend a lot of time together – birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, weekends away. And they’re a happy family. Johnny’s wife, Jessie – who has the most money – insists on it.

Under the surface, though, conditions are murkier. While some people clash, other people like each other far too much . . .

Everything stays under control until Ed’s wife Cara gets concussion and can’t keep her thoughts to herself. One careless remark at Johnny’s birthday party, with the entire family present, starts Cara spilling out all their secrets.

In the subsequent unravelling, every one of the adults finds themselves wondering if it’s time – finally – to grow up?

Grown Ups is the brand new, sensationally entertaining and laugh out loud novel from Marian Keyes.

Ninja School Mum Book Cover

Obsessive-compulsive school mum, Skye, is a lonely elite spy, who is running from her past whilst trying to protect the future of her child. She tries hard to fit in with the other parents at her son’s new school, but the only person who accepts her unconventional way of life is new mother, Thea.

Thea is feeling harassed by her sister and bored with her life, but she suspects that there is something strange about the new school mum, Skye. Thea has secrets of her own and, although the two become unlikely friends, she hesitates to tell Skye about the father of her own child.

Zack’s new business is growing faster than he could have dreamed but, suddenly, he finds himself the owner of a crumbling estate on the edge of a pretty village, and a single parent to a very demanding child. Could he make a go of things and give his daughter the life she deserved?

When three lives collide, it appears that only one of them is who they seem to be, and you never know who the person next to you in the school playground really is.


Laughter is good for the immune system.
Single mother, Juliette Duffy, is getting married. Again. And this time, she is determined to make it all the way down the aisle. But you never know what’s around the corner, do you?

Follow Juliette as she tries to plan a wedding that may never happen, cheers up a grandmother quarantined on a cruise ship and experiences self isolation hell with her dramatic ex-partner and his mother.

If you’re feeling gloomy and fed up, and looking for a REALLY good laugh and the ultimate feel-good book, download on Kindle Unlimited and laugh your way to better immunity.


Sometimes life can be bittersweet . . .

Between tending to the whims of her seven-year-old and the demands of her boss, Viv barely gets a moment to herself. It’s not quite the life she wanted, but she hasn’t run screaming for the hills yet.

But then Viv’s husband Andy makes his mid-life crisis her problem. He’s having an affair with his (infuriatingly age-appropriate) colleague, a woman who – unlike Viv – doesn’t put on weight when she so much as glances at a cream cake.

Viv suddenly finds herself single, with zero desire to mingle. Should she be mourning the end of life as she knows it, or could this be the perfect chance to put herself first?

When life gives you lemons, lemonade just won’t cut it. Bring on the gin!


It’s normal for your washing machine to get more action than you, right?

I wake up, bleary-eyed. It’s been two years, six months and three hours since I last shaved my legs, and the llama-patterned knickers I’m wearing have seen better days.

We have seven minutes before the kids wake up, and my husband shuffles closer. ‘Ouch,’ he says, a piece of Lego sticking into his back.

Then, a light comes on in the landing. Small footsteps creep down the stairs. A little voice screams, ‘IS SOMEONE COMING TO MAKE BREAKFAST?!’

All hope of having some ‘alone time’ is replaced with wondering if we’ve run out of Cheerios, thinking about the overflowing laundry, and remembering that I forgot to take out the recycling. Again.

Just a typical Monday morning for the Morton family…

Except today, when I go downstairs in my dressing gown, I find something. Something belonging to my husband. Something that definitely wasn’t in the wedding vows. And it’s either going to make us… or break us.

New Top Author Posts.

Top Author pin by Lizzie Chantree

Hi everyone. I’m going to be running a new feature for my lovely blog followers, that I hope you’ll like. If you enjoy a peek into the lives of authors, but are busy and don’t have time to read long posts, you might like this feature!

Each Thursday, I’ll be asking an author to answer five questions, but to provide photos for the answers. I’m asking where they write, for an author photo we haven’t seen anywhere else, if they have learnt new skills or made anything during lockdown and more. I thought I’d start off with some of my own photos to show you what I’m doing.  I’m booked out for the whole year for this, so I’ve also started asking writers to send me their book covers and links and will post some of them together as genres on weekends, so you can discover even more great reads.

I’m doing this to support the writing community, as there are so many amazing writers out there and I know from experience, we need every ounce of extra encouragement that we can get. I’ve been so lucky with my readers and network, that I’m welcoming other writers in, in the hope they find their own audience. Some of the writers are very established and have their own following, but others are completely new. It will be fun to see what photos they all send. Have a great day everyone. Stay safe and well. From Lizzie.

1. Post a photo of you that we won’t have seen everywhere else.


2. Where do you write? 


3. Use three photos or images to describe your personality.

4. Share a photo of your favourite holiday destination.


5. Post a photo of something that you baked, learnt, or made during lockdown.


To grab a copy of any of my books, just click the book image.

Books by Lizzie Chantree. Blank background


How To Find A Mentor.

How to find a writing mentor pin by Lizzie Chantree

Finding a mentor can almost feel as daunting as writing a book! Having someone to guide you, can mean the difference between success and failure, but it can also help boost your self esteem and give you more energy to try again, especially in a world where our work is sent out and can receive rejection after rejection before finding it’s rightful home.

I was very lucky to have a business mentor when I was a teenager and he guided me to success, but when I became an author, I had no idea of where to start. I stumbled upon an American book group and they had so many wonderful members who offered me advice, many of whom are still friends today. I much later discovered The Romantic Novelists’ Association and once again, found it full to the brim with supportive writers.

I now work as a business and writing mentor and run a book group with almost a thousand members. There are new writers there and also very experienced ones, as well as lots of voracious and helpful readers, who are always willing to share their ideas on how we can all support each other. The key to finding a mentor, in my opinion, is to join Facebook groups or writing organisations, take part and let people know you are there. Check out organisations in your genre, like The Crime Writers Association or the RNA, or look at membership of The Society of Authors, where they send out monthly newsletters pointing you at local writing groups to join and become part of. Good luck!


Creative Networking

Networking For writers. header Pin. By Lizzie Chantree

Hello everyone. Do you enjoy showing support to your fellow writers, creatives, readers and authors? Many of us are often looking for more ideas to help lift each other up and there are so many ways we can do this, especially during times of such anxiety like enforced lockdown. Hopefully this is easing in most places by now, but we can still offer encouragement where we can. I wonder if readers realise how much writers appreciate every book shared, review posted, shout outs given to family and friends, or book blogs posted. It can literally tip the balance from a bad day to a great one and it keeps us writing.

I run a networking hour on Twitter called #CreativeBizHour every Monday night 8-9pm (GMT). People pop by and offer support for each other’s creative businesses or writing and retweet each other’s work. We often trend and sometimes have millions of timeline views in one hour. To join in, just add the #CreativeBizHour to your tweets and replies to chat, so that everyone can see your work. The hashtag becomes a live clickable link. It is a great place to offer support to others by retweeting their work onto your timelines so that your followers can see their work. You could find help from the creative community there for your own blogs, books, products and ideas. It is all about teamwork. There are lots of fun discussion topics each week too.

I also have a Facebook group for writers and book lovers, where I share my latest marketing tips and everyone there offers advice, congratulations on successes and help with worries. Plus we discover great reads there! The group is called Lizzie’s Book Group. Join in everyone. I would love to see you all there.

Creativebizhour question green


Writing buddies.


Hello everyone. Have you found it hard to stay creative during world events and lockdown? At the start of isolation, I found it very difficult to be creative and chatted to others online who were feeling the same. I started a writing buddy system or writing sprint in my book group, to encourage people to keep on top of their writing deadlines and it actually helped me to get back into my writing groove too.

Having others to work alongside, even if it’s virtually, can be really inspiring. Why not ask a friend or colleague if you can work at the same time of day, for an hour or two, over a coffee and see what you can achieve. I bet you’ll be surprised by the results. Some fellow writers don’t like writing at set times, but for me it has really helped me to get words onto paper. I see it as a challenge and I do start working on various projects.

During the buddy hour, some people work on blog posts, marketing, editing, new manuscripts or anything creative and we meet back an hour later to see what we have done. We have had a hundred words written during the hour, to thousands, and lots of exciting projects have been imagined and begun. Working alongside our peers during such stressful times can bring some sunshine and laughter back. Give it a try! Feel free to join in the buddy creative sessions every week day in Lizzie’s Book Club on Facebook. 10.30am-11.30am UK time.