Are you a master of time management?

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I’ve been pondering on the thought of how hard we all push ourselves to be creative and get our work done. This month I’ve taken on a lot, with #NaNoWriMo which I have only written a few thousand words for and my latest book launch. I also have a new book to edit. Last week I began to have raised stress levels. No one put this pressure on me, other than myself. I keep piling more jobs onto my ‘to do’ list before I have completed the last one, as many of the jobs interlink.

I’ve come to the conclusion that what I am doing is good enough and that panicking or overdoing things is not going to work for me. My priority is to get all of my book launch information to my tour hosts, which is gradually happening. Next will be marketing for my new book. Further on the list is getting some new words onto paper for #NaNoWriMo and finally to edit book 5. All of these jobs are important, but if my head feels like it is packed full of too many tasks, I will feel counter-productive and start procrastinating.

If I happen to manage task one and two quicker than planned, then the other items on my list can swoop in and take over. This week has begun far more efficiently with jobs being ticked off of the list at a fast pace. The key for me is to do one job and do it well, then move on to the next, rather than half completing it and starting something else. I’ll let you know how much I get done in November. It’s exciting and the possibilities are endless, I just have to curb how many ideas I write down on that list and how many I add to a different notebook and store until a later date.

Do you push yourself to hard at work, or are you a master of time management?

3 time management tips (I’ll be using these too!):

  1. Do the most important job first.
  2. Don’t let unimportant tasks drag you down. Sideline them.
  3. Say ‘no’ to some things. If you are busy, it’s ok to decline social or work offers. Only take on commitments you have time for.


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