Since I published Babe Driven, I have taught myself how to promote my books on social media and have met some really lovely and interesting people along the way. Publishing by yourself can be nerve wracking, but it can also be great fun!

I originally wanted to find a way to let people know about my books without constantly barraging them with book tweets, which can be annoying. I came up with the idea of starting my own networking hour for creatives, who like me, might want to talk about their products without the hard sell.

I began #creativebizhour by gently letting people know that they could join in if they had products to promote, needed advice from like-minded people, or generally wanted somewhere to pop by to find interesting and creative ideas.

The hour has been so successful that we now have over 17.3 million timeline views in one hour some weeks and over 22 thousand RT’s. The people who join in are lively, have some fabulous products and are happy to share their knowledge and support each others work.

To take part, just add #creativebizhour to your tweets and then RT anyone else’s work, that you find interesting or that inspires you. Tweets with photos in them usually generate more RT’s. You don’t have to have a product, book or blog to promote to join in. Some people stop by to see the products and chat to the artists and writers.

Each week there is one winner, who wins a week of mentions from all four hosts with a combined total of over 30,000 followers. You also win a badge to say you are a winner, which can be posted on any social media and kept there for as long as you like. To win you must RT and support others using the hashtag and follow all four hosts. Taking part in the discussions is not essential, but it is interesting and you can make some great contacts and meet new customers.

#creativebizhour is on Monday evenings between 8-9pm (GMT). Join in the chat!

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