Pay it forward. Day four. RRBC.

Todays RRBC author: Honey Boudreaux

Honey’s Biography

I am a mom to five beautiful daughters. They range in age from 32 to 14; which is why I’ve managed to keep up with the YA world. Fo’ shizzle!!—(just kiddin) Trying to find a balance with volunteering at the high school where my youngest daughters attend; working and spending time with my grandbugs has kept my life a constant whirlwind.

I have lived in Southern Louisiana all of my life. Living in a city right outside of New Orleans had gotten old. Moving with my youngest two, to the small town of Abita Springs a little calm was brought to our lives. We have lived here for a little more than 10 years and have grown to love the small town living. The older three? Yeah, they followed us! Their families in tow, we are all within minutes of each other. (I know—they never go away!) Gotta luv ’em!! I know I do.

Eventually, I found time for myself and the nagging voices locked inside the vault in my mind. With several ideas swirling around, the most persistent voices won! I would like to introduce you to my very frist YA Novel: Fool Me Once. Now, I have completed book 2!!! Go me! Enter Eternity took me travelling to places I never thought I could go and I must say — it was a ride I didn’t want to get off — may be back on it again soon! *hint* *hint*

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Fool me once: Sneak peak.


Shelby watched, frozen, as the white SUV came screeching around the corner, careening out of control. She knew it was moving too fast. Callie, her best friend, would not have time to get out of the way. The brakes on the truck squealed, leaving black skid marks on the street. It was too late. The scene unfolded as Shelby cried out from the curb. “Callie! No! No!”

Callie whipped her head around only in time to scream. One second they were racing across the street; the next, Shelby, three steps ahead, turned and watched in horror as Callie was struck. Her limp body flew over the hood of the SUV, spiraling through the air like a rag doll. She smashed head first into the windshield, shattering the glass with a gut-wrenching crunch. Her small body twitched then slowly slid down the hood, leaving a blood trail behind, landing on the concrete with a thud.

Screaming from where she stood, covering her mouth to hold back the bile rising in her throat, warm tears streamed down Shelby’s cheeks. She desperately wanted to run to Callie but her legs held, locked in place. The knot in her stomach made her want to retch at the sight of her best friend’s blood draining from her body. Callie’s lifeless body lay in the middle of the road.

Shelby lowered her head, her eyes focused on her feet where she had unknowingly dropped her books. On top was her school’s homework ledger opened to a new page. The date, without anything written on it for homework yet, was Tuesday, April 23rd. In a trance, she looked up to see a young boy with strawberry blond hair carrying a skateboard standing on the opposite side of the street with a terrified look on his face. She begged him with her eyes to move, to help, to save Callie. In that instant, he was simply gone. Shelby glanced back to Callie’s still body. She dropped to her knees, crying out for her. “No, Callie. Please, no.”

Shelby snapped awake, the visions of her dream still fresh in her mind. Grabbing her neck, she could feel her silent scream locked in her throat. At age eleven, this was the first time she had dreamt of someone’s death. Not Callie, not Callie echoed inside of her head. I can fix this! I know I can fix this! Shelby sprang from her bed. Her dream was specific this time; it would happen today; Tuesday, April 23rd.

Shelby learned at an early age that she had an unusual gift. Her dreams foretold future events. She didn’t believe it was a gift at first – not until she learned how to alter the outcomes. Simple things she successfully changed in the past didn’t seem to matter. Her faked appendix attack saved her dad from a broken leg during a skiing accident, but that was different. This was her best friend’s life. Her body trembled as her mind raced with thoughts of how she would prevent her friend’s death. There was a chance she could alter Callie’s fate.

A simple stomach ache would not save Callie. Callie would die if Shelby didn’t stop her. She didn’t know if she could change any of the events that would unfold that day but she was determined to at least try. She would tempt fate in hopes that her friend would be spared.

The two girls were best friends and alternated going to each others’ house after school. They would meet on the corner where, according to her dream, Callie would be struck. Shelby had to persuade Callie to meet her somewhere other than their usual spot before the end of the day. Her heart seemed to be pounding out of her chest as she dressed for school. She quickly gathered her schoolbag, let her mom know the plan to go to Callie’s house today then headed to school. Confident that she would see Callie in the one class they had together or at lunch, Shelby felt a little more at ease.

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