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Jean Shorney is a writer in the South of England. Jean’s books cover a wide range of topics, from horror to gangland, while experimenting with other genres. She is a member of the RRBC book club and today is day three of Pay it Forward week, where authors and readers showcase other authors on their blogs. The book club is a fantastic way to discover new books to read and meet some really interesting people.

The modern phenomena of self-publishing has given Jean the opportunity to show her work to a wide audience. Her work has already drawn favourable interest from readers voraciously enjoying the exploits of her characters.

Jean grew up in rural West Berkshire, which is a place rife with tales of folklore and lurid ghost stories. These tales ignited the writer’s passion for writing, allowing her to weave her own tales while absorbing books from classics to science fiction.

Classics such as Dickens’ works were often given as presents by her family, while Jean sought out writers like Ray Bradbury and Isaac Asimov, which were sourced from places such as the nearby American airbase.  Along with these authors, other influences such as Jack Higgins’ thrillers, and classic TV like The Outer Limits and Gunsmoke, really piqued Jean’s interest in different styles or storytelling.

Now, following a happy marriage and raising two children, Jean has thrown herself back into her writing, exploring the platforms the Internet is offering, such asTwitter. Jean’s account is @jmshorney if you have a moment to pop by and give her a Twitter follow.

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Book description:

1969′, Anton Krieger witnesses his best friend savaged and killed by a vampire.
Now, over 40 years later, Anton has become obsessed with telling the world that vampires live and work amongst us. An obsession which has led him to be institutionalised again and again. Married to Victoria a psychiatrist they have a beautiful 22 year old daughter Cassie where they live in the London Suburb of Highgate home to the dark and brooding Highgate Cemetery. But unseen eyes are watching them , and soon Cassie is caught in circle of death that will seem hopeless in every way. How will she survive the onslaught of some of London’s oldest and most powerful Vampires.
Attraction runs deep , does Blood run deeper ?


Review:  5 star! 

I stumbled across Jean Shorney as a but of a happy accident, and enjoyed some of her short stories and extracts from her website. As a fan of horror, I thought that this could be an entertaining read, and I was right. I couldn’t put it down — I read it in under a day! The structure of the story is interesting, with the first few chapters telling the back story of several key players at different points in time, and different locations. We are transported from revolutionary France to rural Ireland to WW2 France, then onto London for the story proper. There’s an interesting retelling of Gabriel Rosetti’s love affair with his wife, Lizzie, to add an air of authenticity, beautifully evocative descriptions and lots of action; but unlike many vampire books on the market, it’s neither gory or twee. It feels like a very contemporary story, the literary equivalent of the TV show Being Human. I’d recommend it to anyone, and certainly for those who don’t necessarily see themselves as fans of the genre…. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


staying out




progeny of a killer

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You can buy all Jean’s books at Amazon, including The Aidan McRaney Trilogy: ‘Stalking Aidan’, ‘The Devil in Soho’ and ‘Progeny Of A Killer’. I hope you have enjoyed learning more about Jean. Please leave a like on her Facebook page or an RT on Twitter if you can. Thank you!   🙂

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