Meet author Adam Boustead!

Meet author Adam Boustead.

As part of the #RRBC book club’s ongoing efforts to propel and promote authors, today I am introducing author Adam Boustead as part of their Pay It Forward week. This is an opportunity to find out more about some incredible authors and to hopefully purchase and review some novels you might not have discovered before.

Adam Boustead is the talented author of The Dragon Chronicle Series, who is blind. He enjoys writing poetry and stories and  says that Dragons sit his shoulders whispering their stories to him, which is how he manages to weave such fantastically dramatic tales. Adam has a twin brother, Christian Boustead, who  is also a writer.


Book Link: Amber Dragon. The Dragon Chronicles:

Amber Dragon is the second book of The Dragon Chronicles, with poems and fantastical tales, which both disturb and intrigue.


‘Amber Dragon by Adam Boustead is another you HAVE to read. This is the second book in The Dragon Chronicles and it doesn’t disappoint at all. Once you open the book,it”ll grab you and you won’t put it down until you finish reading it. Some of the readings you may find disturbing some you will find intriguing but all of it you will find amazing! I have been fortunate in the past to read other books by Adam Boustead and I have never been disappointed in any of his writings. They only get better and better. This book has both short story readings and poems. I always try to choose my favorite but never can do it, because they are all so good. But I do have two poems I like a lot. They are: Wanderer and Sea Song. There are also two short stories I like a lot. They are: Gifts and Caught. I know you will love all of them. When you read them don’t try to interpret them, just read them. They will interpret themselves for you. I gave this book 5 stars but it really needs to have many, many more. This book would make a great gift. It would look good on your bookshelf or any library’s bookshelf. I have my copy sitting in a special place on my bookshelf. I highly recommend this book to everyone especially if you enjoy sci-fi, fantasy, poetry and beautiful writings. I look for much more from Adam Boustead.’


Book Link: Dragon Fireside Tales. The Dragon Chronicles:

Intriguing, softly unsettling, but strangely hypnotic fantastical tales of the unexpected.


‘I like variety and I love fantasy, so I’m a sucker for fantasy anthologies and always look out for them. This one didn’t disappoint and I really enjoyed the wide and eclectic collection of quirky, snappy tales and meaty, touching poems. I will certainly look for more reading pleasure from Adam Boustead’s pen and thoroughly recommend this diamond in the rough of a book to all lovers of inventive and ‘left field’ fantasy.’
‘Another great collection of verses and short stories by Adam Boustead, who is quickly becoming one of my favourite modern day writers. His style is detailed and unique and his writing is as captivating as it is surprising and always keeps you on your toes. These shorts are as diverse as they are entertaining, but have a common theme of mythology and fantasy than I’ve found runs through a lot of Adam’s books, and although I’ve enjoyed them all, Dragon Fireside Tales is perhaps my favourite so far. A truly great, but also quite short read, and one I will be gifting for a few upcoming birthdays.’


Book Link: Mist Palace Hail One:

Poems inspired by recollections.
Adam Boustead is a blind author who lives in Hanley, Staffordshire.
This is his first collection of poems that he has published on his own.


‘A mythical, magical, decedent mixture of creatures and elements combine in this collection of inspiring poetry. Boustead brings together a fantastic portrayal of a place which holds his memories, dreams, fantasies, realities, hopes, fears and experiences. The reader is transported into his world, and to see things from his perspective. I love the theme of earth, fire, water and air that runs alongside the vivid and colourful depictions of animals and great creatures in his work. His mythical beings are brought to life in his words, and he always has a great emphasis not just on visuals but sounds, textures and smells which enrich his writing.’
‘Mystery and fantasy aren’t generally wrapped up in poetry, or at least not to my mind, but this collection by Adam Boustead is a real hit. Often strange, sometimes even bordering on the surreal, but always very vivid and hugely imaginative. A real creative mind at work here and the verses conjur a spellbinding effect as the otherworldly landscape and creatures sail by as you turn from page to page. Definitively a book that thinks outside of the box, but if you’re tired of tried and tested and want something a little different, then this is one for you.’
Check pout Adam’s Blog:
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  1. An interestingly personal and effective post Lizzie. You have certainly reminded me of my interest in Adam’s work. He was kind enough to post a very positive review of ‘A Wizard of Dreams’ some time ago – “Better than Harry Potter” – and I’ve been working my way towards him for some time!

  2. Lizzie, this is a lovely post for Adam! I loved Dragon Fireside Tales, and shall have to check out Mist Palace Hall One, too 🙂 Have a GREAT PIF week, both 🙂

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