Gripping reviews.

Book reviews from readers are so important to an author, as this is often how others choose which genre or story to read next. It could be the difference between a book lover picking up a new title up to buy, or moving on to another read.

I often say that writing a lovely review is like handing an author a rainbow. Knowing someone has enjoyed your writing makes you feel like all of the hours writing manuscripts and typing up notes are worthwhile. A review only takes a moment to write, but it is really appreciated by the author (especially if it’s from someone who loved the book!) and is often something they refer to again and again, or use in marketing.

Here are a couple of customer reviews for Babe Driven, Love’s Child and Finding Gina. If you are looking for a new Summer read, below is the link for my books, where you can see an array of other reviews:

Summer reads.

Portable e-book reader with two clipping path for book and scree

Portable e-book reader with two clipping path for book and scree

Portable e-book reader with two clipping path for book and scree

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4 thoughts on “Gripping reviews.

    • Thank you! It’s such an important part of the buying process for many readers and only takes a moment to write. Out of curiosity, I have asked lots of friends if they have written reviews for books they have read in the past and very few of them do. When asked why, they said that they were never quite sure what to write, or had not thought it significant to others. I did see a great article once about writing reviews. I think it said something like: Say if you enjoyed the book. What did you like about the story? What part of the story might appeal to others? That would certainly be enough for most reviews and could be said in one or two sentences, but might still seem a bit time consuming as people have busy lives.

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