Writing a sequel.

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I am in the final editing stages of my latest book, which I can’t wait for you all to see. I had a discussion with my Editor about what happens to one or two of the characters at the end, as this book has a sequel. All of my books have the possibility of a second or third novel in the series, but on completion of my current manuscript, the next part of the story was already waiting to be written. Perviously on finishing a manuscript, I have a completely new story clamouring to be written. This time, although I have a new story I can’t wait to write, I also have the second part of the story of my current book. Which to write first?

Sequels to books are often being praised to authors as a good way to market books, because if a reader loves the first one, they might enjoy the new book too. The only problem being that the book must also be able to be read as a stand alone story, in case the readers have not been introduced to the earlier stories. It has to be as good, or better than the previous novel, so that readers still want to pick up another book from the same author and not run for the hills instead.

This is the first time I’ve decided to wait on starting my fresh new story as I’m really interested to find out what the characters in the sequel to my current book are getting up to!

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