The 20th World Book Day!


Today World Book Day will be working with schools all across the country to distribute over 15 million £1 book tokens, to encourage children of all ages to explore new books and discover authors they might not have heard of before. Children are being allowed to dress up as their favourite book character and some classes have authors going in to read to them. Children are asked to decide which character to portray and streams of little Where’s Wally, Alice in Wonderland or Harry Potter’s will be lining up to step into class.

It’s a wonderful way to capture children’s imagination through play and a good way for authors to connect with their audience. The idea behind World Book Day is to offer children a chance to own their own book. Resource packs are offered by the organisation, with reading activities and creative ways to draw children into the world of literature.

Here is a list of activities which you can get involved in for World Book Day: Click Here. 

Happy reading! 


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4 thoughts on “The 20th World Book Day!

  1. Happy World Book Day, Lizzie. Like you and Jan, I grew up with a love for reading. It’s so wonderful to see children embracing that same passion with joy!

  2. I grew up with a deep love for reading and I get so excited when I see children with the same passion! Great post and Happy World Book Day, Lizzie!

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