Keywords in reviews.

Like most authors, I am learning new things about the publishing industry every day and try to share what I learn here, in the hope it helps other writers, book lovers and bloggers. I have been looking at keywords and good ways to use them, but had no idea that reviews count as keywords too!

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For example:

Review 1:

A lovely read. I enjoyed the characters immensely and the way the author used description really drew me in. This is a book I would recommend to friends as I couldn’t wait to get back to my kindle to read the next chapter!

(Reviews literally take 5 minutes to write and 2 sentences is plenty, although a detailed description is wonderful too. They are the first place readers look to discover a new read and are really helpful to both author and reader.)

Review 2: A review from one of my readers about my contemporary romance novel Babe Driven. This made me feel like dancing around my studio!

I was recommended this book by a friend… Initially I was a little unsure as I am very loyal to Freya North & Lisa Jewell... I’m a bit of chick lit fan!!!
By the end of the first chapter I was completely gripped…
This is a really compulsive read and not easy to put down; but quite light hearted.
The characters are really fun, engaging and believable.
I am really looking forward to the authors next Novel… Give it a go!!!!

I’m have no idea if the reviewer, (19/03/2015), knew how helpful this was and I certainly didn’t until this week, but the words in colour are keywords as they relate to popular authors and genres. I have seen that some books put best selling author’s names in their blurb, but I have read this is not advised as online retailers don’t like it, (the authors probably don’t either!)

Review 3:

I loved this mystery novel as it involved romance, intrigue and travel. The characters were so well written that I couldn’t wait to turn the next page! I usually enjoy reading books by LJ Ross and Blake Pierce, but the vivid descriptions and excellent dialogue have turned me into a (authors name) fan!

I hope this helps. I am an avid reader of so many genres and I always leave reviews unless I don’t like the book. I love to find books by authors I’ve never heard of before, as reading their work is an adventure. Most authors spend so many hours perfecting their stories, that if I read, enjoy and become a fan of their work, I like the idea that my review can support them on their journey.

Babe Driven book link.     Love’s Child book link.     Finding Gina book link.

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55 thoughts on “Keywords in reviews.

  1. I didn’t realize that reviews have keywords. We can’t affect the reviews for our books but we could use this knowledge to help other authors. Thanks for the information.

    • You’re welcome Susanne. It’s good to know that when we enjoy a book and leave a review, that some of our words can help the author on their writing journey and other readers to find their work!

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    • It’s not something to worry too much about or that anyone can take control of. It’s just an example. It means that if you enjoy a book, your review is helpful in many ways. Firstly it is wonderful for an author to hear someone has liked their story, but if the review happens to have words in it that are relevant to the books category lists on Amazon, then it helps this way too.
      It doesn’t mean authors would want reviews that are not honest, or that anyone should put words in for the sake of it, but if a reviewer happens to mention how much they liked the particular genre etc, it’s an added bonus.

  3. I’m like you, Lizzie—I review everything I read unless I didn’t enjoy it and can’t give it at least 3 stars. I hadn’t thought about keywords in reviews, but it’s interesting to note the impact they can have. Thanks for sharing!

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