3 quick book marketing tips.

I am starting a new series on my blog from articles I have read during the week. I will post 3 quick marketing tips for authors and they will change each Monday. Let the fun begin!

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1.   The title of your book.

This may sound obvious, but the title and subtitle of your book also work as keywords on Amazon.  If you can’t use any  keywords in the title, try adding some to the subtitle as this raises the searchable value of your book.

2.  Add keywords to your book description. 

Your book description should draw your readers to your story, but adding keywords here helps new readers find your book easier. The keywords are highlighted here for a book I made up about Romance, travel, exotic beaches and the stars.

For example:

Rose and Alfie ditched their jobs and decided that flying halfway across the world would help them discover why they got married when they hated each other.


Romantic daydreamer Rose and handsome astronomy teacher Alfie, ditched their jobs and decided that they should travel halfway across the world to the exotic beaches and sun drenched shores of Spain, to finally discover why they got married, when they hated each other!

3.   Make your book easier to find.

On Amazon , you can add up to 7 search keywords. These don’t have to be one word. If you had written a marketing book, you could use keywords such as:

Selling books on Amazon , Marketing ideas and strategies, selling books online, etc

Each string of words count as one keyword.



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18 thoughts on “3 quick book marketing tips.

  1. Great advice, Lizzie. I’m taking a marketing course right now. And you have to think of your keywords as search terms because Amazon operates like a search engine so those keywords are more important that people think. For instance this man wrote Science Fiction Superhero stories but that’s not a category in Amazon, so he uses the category Science Fiction and then puts the Superhero as one of his keywords. I’ve changed some of my keywords but I may need to rewrite some book descriptions to instigate some of those keywords too.

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