How visible are you?

I hope you have all had an amazing weekend and are wide awake enough to read today’s Monday Marketing and 3 Quick Tips 🙂

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Today’s topic is YOU! How are you helping your work become more visible?

1.  Are you focused more on discoverability than selling? Can people find your work and how easily accessible is it? It’s great to want to sell your work, but if no one knows it’s there, how can they buy it?

2.  Marketing and promotion for your writing. Even if you choose to outsource parts of your work, the success of your book, blog or article, depends on you. Are you doing enough to showcase your work? Are there areas you haven’t considered yet? Research your target audience and find out where their interest lie. What are their age ranges, routines, goals, values and do they spend time online or offline. What can you do to appeal to this category?

3.  Keep work spaces clear. The best way to stay organised is to de-clutter. It takes minutes a day to keep a desk clear. Having room to move, helps remove distractions from your work.


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