Are you a tidy person?

Are you a tidy person? By this, I mean, is your desk space clear, your housework up to date and your mind clear and raring to go? Lol:) I try and keep on top of housework and the studio where I write usually has a clean desk space, but with a second book launch and book tour rapidly approaching, I seem to be surrounded by piles of ‘stuff’. I have a corner for gifts for my online facebook launch, boxes for my paperback launch, books ready to sell, paperwork that needs clearing, notes and lists of things to do and suddenly my clear area to work has become an avalanche!

Perty.Lizzie Chantree. Launch party

Multi-tasking is something I am good at, but I’m so easily distracted by another idea that I have to write lists and cross them off, so that I finish one task before I begin another. I don’t always stick to this rule though. My studio, although very well thought out and organised, is quite small, so everything has to have it’s place and I am finding that my space is creeping into other areas of the building as I leave more boxes that I can’t fit into my studio, just outside the door.

Writing this is making me realise that I need to spend a few hours putting everything where it should be and finding a designated corner for book launches. I also have a library talk coming up and need promotional items and banners for that which will take up more space! In fact I need to sell more books and find a bigger studio. You’ve got to have a dream!


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10 thoughts on “Are you a tidy person?

    • You’re right. It’s good to be busy. As I’m about to start a blog tour and have a book launch to plan, my studio floor is messier than ever! Plus my dog has decided that the one clear space I have under my desk is perfect for a small dog to snooze in! Lol:)

  1. I am clean, but I have to admit that my desk area can get quite messy, especially as I get close to magazine deadlines. I prefer it to be neat and tidy and find that I work better when it is. 🙂

    • I find it much easier to work in a tidy space too Jan. The problem is, with a small studio and two book events happening soon, the storage spaces are full to bursting. I have managed to find space for most of it finally, by clearing a cupboard that held old paperwork. Phew!

  2. I would have to say I’m clean but not as tidy. I am a pile person for sure. I kind of have a space but its portable as I gave up the extra room for music. I do need to spend some time and organize and get the promotion-side ideas flowing.

    • I now have a long desk with plenty of room, it’s the storage that needs better planning. I love the idea of a music room though. Do you play an instrument?

      • I used to play the piano when I was young…haven’t gotten back to it. It’s for my husband who plays the guitar –and then my son drums and son in law bass…so they have fun when they all get together:)

    • You could be right. I might use the excuse of being creative of the boxes still sitting on the floor by the door! Great idea:)

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