Monday Marketing. 3 Quick tips.

Hello everyone. Happy new week. I have my first author talk in a library this week and have been researching the best way to schedule the talk. They have booked me in for two hours, but my chat needs to be about 20 minutes and then an author Q&A and tea and coffee. I’ll let you know how I get on as I’m extremely nervous and two hours seems a very long time!

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Tips for planning an author talk:

  1. Have seven points of interest and explain them to your audience, so that they understand the structure of the talk. For example: Point 1. My working life before I became and author. Point 2. Fun facts about my career. Point 3. Why I changed career path. Point 4. Self-publishing. Do I think it’s a good idea? Point 5. Publishing contracts. What it’s like being offered one. Point 6. How some books become bestsellers. Point 7. Life after you’ve published a novel.
  2. Plan questions you might be asked and write your answers, so that you aren’t caught off guard.
  3. Hold a Q&A session, so that visitors can ask any questions you haven’t already answered.

Good luck if you have your own author talks planned. If you have any top tips to share, feel welcome to leave them in the comments section below. Much appreciated! From Lizzie:)


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12 thoughts on “Monday Marketing. 3 Quick tips.

  1. Thanks for the tips, Lizzie! The first time I did a Reading/Signing/Q&A was at a school and I winged it. It went okay but I swore I’d never do that again. The next time I planned everything. I even wrote the answer to one of the toughest questions, ‘What is your book about?’😅 The second time around went much smoother and I wasn’t as nervous. Someone may ask how they can get started becoming a writer. Good luck! All the best!

  2. Good advice for how to handle speaking engagements. Can’t wait to hear how it goes. Best of luck Lizzie!

  3. What about talking about the books themselves or doing a reading? What about handing out chocolate? I love chocolate. 🙂

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