Monday Marketing.

Hello everyone. I’ve been reading some interesting marketing articles this week, but the one that struck a chord the most was about branding. The article I read mentioned about updating your branding/author brand every three to four months. What do you think about that? Do you follow this idea for your own writing or business?

The article didn’t mean to change your logo or pay for new author photos for your books, but to update your social media headers, ads, tweets, posts and book photos regularly. I updated mine when my latest book came out in July, and do change it with every book release, but am now thinking that I might give the headers etc an overhaul. I do however, update my social media graphics/book posts each week and interact with my followers there regularly.

Here are some of my branding concepts that follow through for book launches and author talks. You can see how it changes for each book, but stays within my theme of romance.

Ninja School Mum book launch:
If you love me, I’m yours book launch:
My Author branding:


It’s good if your business or writing page reflects what you do or the genre you write in, otherwise it’s confusing to customers. Whichever way you go forward, keep in mind that you are telling a story about who you are as a business/person/writer and you can do this very well with images and text. Get it right and it will help people understand what you are all about and help them to decide to visit again. Have a fabulous week everyone. From Lizzie.

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3 thoughts on “Monday Marketing.

  1. I do think it’s a good idea to update things like our FB headers from time-to-time. I am horrible about doing it and the same with my website. I update content on my website, but rarely any headers or photos. Good idea, though!

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