Introducing Mary Wood.


It’s my great pleasure to introduce you all to Mary today. She’s an amazing writer and makes me smile every time I talk to her via email and through social media. She has such an aura about her (I checked that I spelt that word correctly after reading the text below)  that you can’t wait to find out what she will do next! Mary is running a giveaway today and all you have to do to enter is to leave a comment at the bottom of this post. Over to Mary:
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Hello Everyone
Really nice to be here today, I hope you like my photo. To all my Facebook Followers – this proves that I do rest, well, at least once a year. 🙂 Roy captured it without my knowledge – shows my double chins off nicely!! Well, I only have a paragraph to chat to you, so just in case you thought an authors life was all serious, I thought I would tell you about one of my many, many escapades that seriously happen to me, and I see the funny side of. – This was on one of my first visits to Spain where I winter for a few months each year. But this trip was to be for a full year, so I needed to register at the Central Cuidad – drop-in medical centre. I sorted out how to tell the receptionist that I was here for one year – ‘Me aqui para uno ano.’ My turn came. Up to the counter I go. Deep breath, and proudly say my sentence. Oh dear! The look of horror on the ladies face tells me that I have dropped a complete booby. She shakes her head and dismisses me. I sleek into a corner, where all eyes are on me and peep at my English/Spanish dictionary – this one tells you how to pronounce each word. I look up Ano. Pronounced – A – N – O then I see meaning – Arse! OMG I just told the receptionist that I was here for one arse!!! Face reddens – hastily check translation for ‘year’ this is the same word but with an inflection on the ‘n’ and is pronounced A – N – YO. Wait in queue again. My turn. Lady looks at me warily – I proudly announce, ‘Me aqui para uno anyo.’ ‘Ahh, si, si . . . what followed, I never understood to this day, but was eventually taken by the hand and shown to a table, given a form to fill in – this was in Spanish, but written Spanish is a lot easier for me than the spoken – string-all-words-together, kind. Happy ending, I got myself a very handsome doctor for uno anyo – boy was I ailing a lot that year!! Hope you enjoyed this insight into me and my world. Thank you so much Lizzie for having me – So looking forward to hosting you on 28th June. Much love to all, Mary.
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Will Ella ever find what she’s looking for?

Voluntary nurse Ella is haunted by the soldiers’ cries she hears on the battlefields of Dieppe. But that’s not the only thing that haunts her. When her dear friend Jim breaks her trust, Ella is left bruised and heartbroken. Over the years, her friendships have been pulled apart at the seams by the effects of war. Now, more than ever, she feels so alone.

At a military hospital in France, Ella befriends Connie and Paddy. Slowly she begins to heal, and finds comfort in the arms of a French officer called Paulo – could he be her salvation?

With the end of the war on the horizon, surely things have to get better? Ella grew up not knowing her real family but a clue leads her in their direction. What did happen to Ella’s parents, and why is she so desperate to find out?

The Abandoned Daughter by Mary Wood is the second book in The Girls Who Went To War series.

Can be read as a stand alone.  First book was The Forgotten /daughter


Book Giveaway Terms and Conditions

To be entered into the draw to win a signed copy of The Abandoned Daughter and a themed mug, simply leave a comment on this blog post.  
Overseas entries will win a gift voucher for the same value as the book and mug.
Entries will close at midnight on the 30th May and Draw will take place on the 31st May. The winner will be notified on the 31st.
This competition is not administered by Facebook or Lizzie Chantree, but solely by Mary Wood.
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62 thoughts on “Introducing Mary Wood.

  1. COMPETITION NOW CLOSED Thank you everyone for your wonderful, comments, and for taking part. You’re all amazing. Special thanks once more to Liz, our lovely host.

    WELL DONE LYN – Happy reading everyone, whatever your choice of book – I’m off to write another one, love you all xxx

  2. Love to read your stories Mary. Always a tale to tell. What a great photo. Can’t wait to read the new book

  3. The one thing never to do is fall asleep on holiday. We go,8n a group and the picture will go on Facebook for sure. Nice to see you relaxing Mary. Love your attempt at Spanish, just said it slightly wrong, but the meaning was completely different. Hilarious.

  4. haha you got me creased at this photo mary wood you have been bombed well and truly but i still love you to bits xxxxx thank you lizziechantree the best blog ever xxx

  5. Firstly, thank you Lizzie for introducing me to another wonderful author. I have just ordered Mary Wood’s first book in the series, The Forgotten Daughter. I really enjoyed reading Mary’s escapades when attempting to converse in a language that is not her own. It made me chuckle and I love getting to know the personality behind the pen (or computer!). I enjoy reading a wide range of fiction, although anything set during the war helps me to learn as well, since I was completely hopeless at history in school. What an intriguing introduction to her second book. I would love to win it, if not it will be on my Birthday list! X

    • Thanks for joining us Sammie! I think you’ll absolutely love reading Mary’s books. Happy reading!

  6. An amazing blog about an amazing lady and her amazing book and mary you really made me laugh out loud at your paragraph love you x

    • Thanks for joining us Christine. I laughed when I read the post Mary sent me too. You can’t help but smile when she’s around.

  7. Bless you Mary that made me chuckle 😀 it was lovely to read. A great blog Lizzie, thank you xx I love Mary’s books ♥️ thank you xxxx

  8. Bless you Mary, that made me chuckle 😀 it was lovely to read and a great blog Lizzie! I love Mary’s books ♥️ thank you xxxx

  9. I’m a bit confused at the top it mentions having to answer a question but in the terms states comment; fingers crossed I’ve not missed something and that I’ll be included in the prize draw.
    Mary thanks for sharing your funny story, it made me chuckle – I’m sure you weren’t the first and you won’t be the last person to have made that faux pas.

    • That’s my fault as we decided to make the competition easier at the last minute and change it to leaving a comment! Apologies. I’ve just updated the page.

  10. I love this, Lizzie, thank you so much for hosting me – sorry about the naughty word, but had to tell it how it was…haha… Well, off to set up the comp for my lovely lassies. Hope they enjoy it – they never know what to expect from me. Haha.. Much love, Mary x

    • It’s a pleasure to have you here Mary. I can’t wait to find out who the lucky winner of your competition is!

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