Monday Marketing.

Book covers by Lizzie Chnatree

Happy new week everyone. For this week’s 3 quick tips, I’m going to chat to you about author branding. It’s really important as a writer that you keep the message about your book, on brand. Do your social media pages reflect your genre and style?

  1. Make sure that the message you are sending out, reflects your genre of writing. What do your pages say about you at a glance. Most viewers will stay for about three seconds. Can you convey your brand in that time? Is it clear?
  2. Keep your branding the same across all of your social media sites.
  3. Follow this branding through to business cards, banner stands and any other graphics you use for your books.

Here is an example of my author branding. I write contemporary romances that are great for holidays. This is my website, Facebook page and Twitter page. You could recognise them from any of my social media sites.



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