So you want to be a writer.

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So you want to be a writer. I’ve been writing now for many years, but published my first book eight years ago. I had joined writing groups when I was younger and taken online courses, but the main ingredient in being a writer, is to get words onto paper. I always remember being told at the start of my career that you can’t edit a blank page. This is so true. Getting those words down, however imperfect they are at the start, is moving in the right direction towards completing a piece of work.

My advice to new writers:

  1. Find a quiet place to write at first, with no distractions.
  2. Set a desk timer and try to write a few words within that time. This may help with self-discipline.
  3. Set yourself achievable writing goals.
  4. Write the first draft before editing (this doesn’t work for everyone, but saves time).
  5. Be selective over beta readers, as confidence can be easily destroyed and writing is very subjective.
  6. Find your writing tribe for support. There is a huge online writing community and you could possibly discover local writing groups too. Stave off isolation by connecting with other writers to chat to. Join Facebook groups and most importantly, have fun!


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20 thoughts on “So you want to be a writer.

  1. Great advice, Lizzie, especially your last point about finding a community of writers either real or virtual. I was lucky to find a small group locally and the mutual support we give each other is amazing. Even during lockdown we have a weekly Zoom meeting and spur each other on when motivation is lacking.

    • It’s such a great idea to meet up with your friends online via video calls. It keeps the community together.

  2. Excellent advice, Lizzie! All equally important, in my opinion, but finding my tribe changed my entire writing world! I know for each of us that tribe looks different, but for me, it is the Rave Reviews Book Club. I love the support, encouragement and motivation to push harder that I’ve received! Heck, that’s where I met you!! 🙂 Have a great day!

    • It’s such a great place to meet writers, I agree. I’m so happy to have met you there Jan. I have a lot of writers who I consider as friends from that book club.

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