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Hello everyone. Have you found it hard to stay creative during world events and lockdown? At the start of isolation, I found it very difficult to be creative and chatted to others online who were feeling the same. I started a writing buddy system or writing sprint in my book group, to encourage people to keep on top of their writing deadlines and it actually helped me to get back into my writing groove too.

Having others to work alongside, even if it’s virtually, can be really inspiring. Why not ask a friend or colleague if you can work at the same time of day, for an hour or two, over a coffee and see what you can achieve. I bet you’ll be surprised by the results. Some fellow writers don’t like writing at set times, but for me it has really helped me to get words onto paper. I see it as a challenge and I do start working on various projects.

During the buddy hour, some people work on blog posts, marketing, editing, new manuscripts or anything creative and we meet back an hour later to see what we have done. We have had a hundred words written during the hour, to thousands, and lots of exciting projects have been imagined and begun. Working alongside our peers during such stressful times can bring some sunshine and laughter back. Give it a try! Feel free to join in the buddy creative sessions every week day in Lizzie’s Book Club on Facebook. 10.30am-11.30am UK time.


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    • Thanks Denise. It’s a lot of fun to run the writing sprints/buddy sessions, plus we are seeing amazing results from the writers taking part.

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