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I’m thrilled to be able to showcase the work of such  a talented author today, who I had the pleasure of meeting for lunch in Spain, with some other fabulous writers. Karen King’s books are really popular and I’m excited to show you some photos that you might not see everywhere else, that portray her personality, where she writes and more.

  1. Post a photo of you that we won’t have seen everywhere else. This is such a cute photo of Karen when she was five years old. 

pic 1 - Little me

  1. Where do you write? 


  1. Use three photos or images to describe your personality. 
  1. Share a photo of your favourite holiday destination.


5.  Post a photo of something you have baked or made during lockdown. This is a photo of the book Karen wrote during lockdown, her first psychological thriller!


Author Bio

Karen King is a multi-published bestselling author of fiction for both adults and children. She has also written several short stories for women’s magazines.

Currently published by Bookouture and Headline. Karen has recently signed a two-book deal with Bookouture to write psychological thrillers. The first one will be out in November, and the second one in 2021. She is also contracted to write three romance novels for Headline, which will be out in 2021 and 2022.

Grab a copy of Karen’s latest book here:

Book cover

Amazon UK link for The Year of Starting Over:




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  1. Nice to meet you here, Karen! What a cute picture of when you were a little girl. Congrats on your accomplishment during the lockdown:) Thanks for hosting, Lizzie.

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