The new way to holiday.

The new way to holiday pin by Lizzie Chantree

Bring that holiday feeling home! With world events at the moment, many of us have had holidays cancelled, or we don’t want to venture far from home. This is upsetting and understandable, but has also meant that people are finding new ways to holiday. My friends and family have been putting tents up in their gardens, building out houses and sheds and making fun themes for them, like a holiday from home, cocktail bars or libraries and are spending more time relaxing in their own homes, just in a different way.

We have painted one of our sheds quite a few times and are attempting to build a bar out of spare palettes, like the one pictured below. I’ll let you know how this goes! I’ve heard that sales of fire pits have been high and camping equipment can be hard to buy, as it’s so popular right now. Even inflatable swim spa’s have been selling fast, so I think people are creating their own mini oasis at home, which is a wonderful idea.

Let me know if you have built any holiday themed areas in your outdoor space, or inside.  I have been thinking of building a tiny outdoor library for my garden for a while, so that’s another addition to my ‘to do’ list. Have a great week everyone. From Lizzie.




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