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Networking for writers. Samm doc. By Lizzie Chantree

I’m excited to share with you that my first ever non-fiction book has gone up for pre-order! It’s called Networking for writers and is full of tips that could be useful, for not just writers, but any creative business.

In my book I talk about how networking has helped me fulfil my dreams, to see all of my books become international bestsellers in multiple categories. I believe this is down to my network, as I was a completely unknown author when I published my first book and I had no idea about marketing. The thought of it scared me witless! My first book, Babe Driven, still reached the bestseller lists within months of its launch and has pretty much stayed gently bouncing around in those lists for seven years.

This book explains how to expand your network through Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, from book talks, product launches, going to seminars and contacting certain groups locally. If you are looking to expand your customer base in creative industries, then this book if fun of useful information about how I built mine.

My new book was sitting at #30 in the bestseller charts within 24 hours of it being available for pre-order, which is incredible and I’m very thankful to my network of amazing and supportive readers and creative friends. I hope that if you buy the book, it helps you to widen your readership too!

Book link: Networking for writers.

Networking for writers. besteller

Early reviews:


‘Just started reading your book, Lizzie. Damn, it’s GOOD!’


‘A writer’s treasure trove: factual, relevant and inspiring.’

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    • Thanks Denise. I’m hoping it helps other creatives to find new ways to reach customers and mentors.

    • Thanks Jan! I wrote it during lockdown and I’ve been so excited to share my networking ideas with other creatives.

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