Learning new skills after lockdown.

Don't be afaraid meme, by Lizzie Chantree

Happy Monday everyone. How are you all? I have been thinking about lockdown during the pandemic and some of the new skills I’ve learnt. I love creativity but am not the best cook in the world, so probably should have taken an online cookery course, instead I went on two Amazon ads courses and was asked to join a council run creative learning programme for mentors.

I’ve been really enjoying learning something new, but the Amazon ads course is still a work in progress for me and I have most of the course still to do. It is something I’m determined to master at some point though.

With the creative learning programme, I have been taught new skills about how to mentor small business owners and creatives and have met some incredibly inspiring people. The idea is that the people in our learning set can help other creatives, but also ask each other for advice when we need it.

I’m really enjoying the interaction with the members of my Facebook book group and Facebook friends, some of whom are also doing online learning at the moment. If you have learnt something new lately and can recommend a course you think others might enjoy, add it to the comments below this post. If you have made something delicious, or amazing and you are really proud of it, share a photo of that too! I’d love to see how everyone else has been spending their time during the pandemic. I wrote a networking book for writers during lockdown, so I’m quite excited to organise the launch of that soon too. I need to get on with my latest set of edits first!

Have a great day everyone. From Lizzie.

Eat, sleep, write, repeat. Meme by Lizzie Chantree

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5 thoughts on “Learning new skills after lockdown.

  1. Kudos to you, Lizzie, for taking the leap and learning new things. I can’t say I have learned anything new during the lockdown, but I have managed to stay very busy!

  2. That’s great your are learning new skills, Lizzie and ones thst eill be fo useful 🙂 The only thing I can claim to have learned lately is using my ice cream maker and making almond milk ice cream. It was yummy and the first ice cream I’ve had in 8 years. Now to learn how to use the bread maker…working my way through unused appliances. Then I will focus on making my book videos sparkle.

    • I love ice cream so this sounds amazing. You can’t beat fresh bread either. Delicious! I can’t wait to see your book videos.

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