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Hello everyone. Today I’m doing a shoutout post for a lady I met on Twitter. Her 8th children’s book is out today and I’m so happy to help her celebrate. The book that’s launching today is The Road To Somewhere, by Victoria Mcdonald. Happy launch day Victoria!

When his precious teddy bear disappears during a thunderstorm, Wesley McDuff is determined to get him back. Armed with just a backpack, he sets off on an adventure that will include a strange land and even stranger creatures! Join Wesley as he makes new friends in order to save an old one…
Paperback : 236 pages
Chaptered book
Publisher : Clementine Publishing

My Adventure So Far.

Based in the beautiful Scottish Highlands, I am a very creative person enjoying arts and crafts.

One of my many passions is books, as a former bookseller, I have always loved writing and drawing. I have been writing stories for 20 years but never had the courage to let anyone see them. When our children came along, my writing was reignited mainly for them to read my stories.

In 2018, I rediscovered my writing box full of stories and illustration ideas hidden at the bottom of our wardrobe. Questions started to niggle, should I try or shouldn’t I try to see if my ideas are any good? I decided to have a go at querying publishers so I could at least say that I finally had the courage to try.

BILLY’S RED BALL SAVES CHRISTMAS, is my first picture book published in December 2018. BETTY LONG LEGS, BORIS THE BAD SHEEP and THERE’S A MONSTER AT THE DOOR are also picture books that followed shortly after Billy.

In October 2019, my debut children’s chaptered book SCAREDY WITCH was published. I loved taking on this new challenge and enjoyed learning a new way to write and illustrate a book. It was interesting to do from the previous picture books and it opened up a whole new audience to my books.

THE CHOCOLATE MONSTER was a picture book published in November 2019 which concluded and incredible first year. Who knew from discovering the forgotten writing box that it would lead to 6 books published!

THE ADVENTURES OF SPUDLEY SPUD is book one in a new series of books that was published in January 2020. I already have book two completed and book three isn’t far behind either.

24th October 2020 – THE ROAD TO SOMEWHERE is released. This is my second chapter book and my biggest one so far with a whopping 17,734 words!

For more news about my books or latest creations can be found on my social media pages, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Feel free to drop by anytime and say hi.


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